Sunday, 1 December 2013

Otherwise we are in danger of just wasting our lives...

Blog-a-day-a-thon December is here...

Don't get too excited, it's just some stupid ramblings from an egotistical creative genius. Also, don't get too scared, it's just a blog, a tiny helpless blog, it can't hurt you, at least not physically (unless you drop the device on which you are reading this onto an exposed tender body part). You are safe, at least for now.

First port of duty for day one is the video for Otherwise.

Here is the direct link to youtube :
Please share the video with your own corner of the internet, you are more influential then me and your assistance in video sharing brings both you and me one step closer to supreme enlightenment (or so I've heard).

The internet is a great melting pot of opinions, on every possible subject both imaginable and unimaginable to the human primate species. To penetrate this vast hub on information with any gusto or intent requires the assistance of several thousand other web content pushers. For a primate like me to get something into the cultural zeitgeist would require some serious pushing of my creative drug on to the celebrity obsessed masses, so I need some high class dealers in creativity on my side...or money, money works, people do things for money that they wouldn't do for love or out of kindness.

I'm not that good at self promotion, I tend to do things like this, write a big long waffly blog about nothing to try and not just be a repetitive posting machine churning out the same links to the same video's and article that you have already had wiggled in your face like a flaccid skinless sausage at every click or new tab. I will, however, be reposting this here 'Otherwise' video many times because it took me and the beautiful Pellatt sisters over 3 months to make. I don't think I've ever spent that long on a single project! I've made whole albums in the time it's taken to animate the 44 cells in this video. So some shameless self promotion and pimping is required.

I am the pimp and my video is my whore.
Open the door and let the light in...
As this year comes to it's final month, it's time to be a bit reflective, and a bit projective, and a bit indulgent, and a bit lazy, and a bit creative. That is what the blog-a-day-a-thon is all about, them things I just listed right there.

I personally find the winter to be an exciting creative time, it's a more inward looking creative time, not so summer bombastic and dance-y, and this year I am going to share it with the world. So, kind of being external with my internal processes. Yep. That makes sense, I'm sure it does.

Peace and infinite love

Andy Jackson (Mr Jackson, [adj])

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