Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 - a creatives review

Hello friends,

We made it! We survived the Ending of the World. I knew we would, I didn't doubt it for one second. I knew we wouldn't accidentally destroy this magnificent planet, no matter how hard we tried to make things difficult for her, she will always prevail against the tiny arrogant god complex monkeys.

Time for my review of my year. All over the internet people do reviews of the year, in TV, in Film, in Politics, in Sport, in Computer Games, in Board Games, in Conspiracy activity etc. All of the reviews are just one persons opinion, or at best a couple of people who share the typing, but they all claim to have some higher perception on their subject of review. I won't do that, because it doesn't matter one bit what I thought was the best (or worst) TV, Film, Game etc. I'm going to focus on my own life, as I am privileged enough to get to live it here with all of the other opinion generators.

2012 has been another big year for me. Since leaving the daily office grind back in 2011 I have been adventuring around the creative lands in my own unique way. My adventures were very outward and adventury back in 2011, but in 2012 they have, for the most part, been inward facing, introspective and self growthy. There have been smatterings of outward, extroverted and self expressive moments such as the handful of gigs I have done with Donny Stax, the One World festival and my adventures in the land of busking, and if you want to know more about them things then I advise you venture back through my year of blogging, all of them have been blogged about.

Here are my internal reviews of the big sections of this year for me, in chronological order:

At the beginning of the year, I wasn't really sure what was going on. I had been working on my four seasons project (an album a season) and my plans had been to do a winter one to complete up the project. I dropped it, I dropped winter as if it were a cheap mobile phone falling out of a plane and into a frozen lake where it shattered into two thousand and seventy one pieces. The winter album never happened...because I started work on something very different and very special instead.

My whole year had been made exciting and creative thanks to one person, 2012 has been the year of Donny Stax. I checked the Chinese calendar to see if this was meant to be the year of Donny Stax, but I can't read Chinese so I'm not sure if the intricate and beautiful Chinese characters said 'Donny' or not. I know this wasn't the year of the monkey, because I did all my monkeying around back in 09 and 0-10.
Anyway, the winter album dissolved, and 'Fine' took it's place.

'Fine' is still available, it's even on Itunes and Spotify and all the other music sitey places. We made it in a few months, and it contains 'Live Up There' which has been spun several times on BBC Introducing The South as well as making it to their 'Best of 2012' show which is on tonight (30/12/12). It was an ambitious project for a first album, but working with Donny Stax was easy, we clicked quickly and worked at the same pace, 'jet-propelled'. Each time we met at Castle Stax we would knock out a new song. One occasion we even managed to get two songs done in one session. The album came together quickly and by May we were twiddling our thumbs trying to work out what to do next.

Most bands would at this point probably start hitting up the live scene like it was lines of cocaine in a porn stars arse crack, we however, didn't. We did a few live gigs, some open mics etc. but our hearts were in the studio, making new music. So for the summer we worked on a bunch of songs we intended to sell to other artists or record labels for hard hard cash. We had a bunch of them ready by July, but we had no idea how to sell them to we released them ourselves.
'Free Music (Donate Now)' came out in August and it is available from bandcamp at, done more as an experiment in creating Pop, it was a strange record. Neither Donny Stax or myself really felt that connected to it, so it never got that much promotion or attention. It did however contain the track 'Separately' which has had numerous radio spins on redshiftradio by my good friend Benjamin Stubbs.
The best two weeks of this year were in the summer at One World festival. Big shout out to all my peeps from the Soggy Biscuit Improv group as well as all the other wonders of the One World. I wrote a big blog about that back at the time, which you can read here.

The year has been full of weird coincidences and moments of growth. One World was full of that, but both Abi and I have had loads of bizarre nature moments, sky moments, people moments and moment moments, moment to moment. Now the word 'moment' looks wrong to me, I've written it out too many times.

Anyway, musically, I continued to work with Donny Stax, we moved on to another album project, one more for us and not with the aim of selling any of them. We took our time and tried to construct new and interesting creative explorations of the musical realm. The result of this was released in December and can still be bought from bandcamp at

'Self Aware' was our most ambitious record, and allowed us to try many new things. We explored the electronica realm with it a lot more then our previous two records, making up whole tracks around repetitive synth lines. The result is the best of the three records we put out in my opinion. We got a track from it spun on redshift radio again several times. Listen to it here just below all this text. The whole album is very positive and upbeat, looking for solutions to problems rather then getting all down in the mouth about how shizza everything can seem. This is the most positive and self affirming record I have ever worked on, and the title felt very fitting. Mr Stax also upped his game massively for this album, adding singing to his repertoire and some fantastic rapping and crazy song structures. Winning it was, winning, winning, winning.

I also managed to squeeze out a little solo musical effort this year, my very first electronica record. I also wrote a story to go with it. 'Sounds for Drowning Robots' it was called. It had amazing artwork done by Mel Pellatt, and it is available from bandcamp also.

In-between all the music making and crazy moments with the world, I also did a whole heap of busking, quite a bit of computer game playing, and lots and lots of tea drinking. What a good year.

To finnish off this year I went and recorded a new track with Mr Stax called 'We Survived the End of the World', which will feature on our best of album (due out early 2013).

I hope you have had a good year too, tell me about it in the comments if you like :)

Bring on 2013
Happy New Year everyone

Peace and infinite love
                                                                                      [adj] - Andy D Jackson

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Survived the End of World - Let's Get Connected

Hello friends and other entities,

So the world didn't end as predicted, what a big surprise, I can't help but feel sorry for the people who had bet huge sums of money on the world ending, they really must be kicking themselves that it's still here and everyone seems to be just fine and alive. Oh well, let's move on shall we.

Without the Mayan calendar giving us advice on what's going to happen in the coming years, it feels like we are being given a bit more control over our lives, and our destinies. Sure there will be people who keep predicting what's going to happen, but without the magical Mayan star calendar for reference, it will be just a bit of guess work.

So it's time to embrace the new age of uncertainty, throw caution to the wind, with open arms for whatever comes, bring it on universe, we are ready and waiting. It's time for us to all get connected, to bond over our commonalities and revel in our differences. United the human race can be a force for great wonders, divided we are capable of ripping each other apart like a pack of wild dogs.

Come on guys, let's get connected (now press play below)

Happy holidays everyone, enjoy them,

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Friday, 14 December 2012

Cats love computers (and we love Cats)

Hello friends,

Some really cool exciting and amazingly funny blogging will be coming your way in the lead up to the end of the world, expect nothing and you will get everything (that's well deep that is, I should become a monk of riddle wisdom or something equally revered by the criminally insane).

To tide you over, here are some pictures of Chiana my crazy cat that love finding new and exciting places to sleep, her new favourite being in the lid of my laptop case.

This is all to do with how warm the computer is, it is an explainable place for a cat to sleep, but what do you make of one of Chiana's other sleeping places?

Surely not as comfortable, but, amusing none the less. We call her Pot-a-chini when she sleeps with the spiky sticks.

Coming soon, some music related stuff no doubt.

Peace and infinite love
[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Friday, 7 December 2012

Self Aware-ness

Hello friends,

Well it's been out for a week now so it's time for a little catch up with the first ever self aware album. Before that though, we need to do a quick analysis of the artists behind the creation of this groundbreaking record.

Donny Stax & [adj] - consists of Producer/Rapper Donny Stax and Singer/Songwriter [adj] Andy D Jackson. The pair have been working together since the end of 2011, and as 2012 comes to a close they proudly sit back having released 3 albums to the world. At the beginning of June they released their debut album 'Fine', then in August they released their second smaller album 'Free Music (Donate Now)', and then in December they released their third full length album 'Self Aware'. (all currently still available from bandcamp).

This blog is here to discuss some details of 'Self Aware', Donny Stax & [adj]'s third album.

As with their last two records, there are skits that are scattered through the record, and introduction one and an outroduction one too. For 'Self Aware' there is only one other skit found right in the middle of the album, called 'Interval'. The splitting of the album into two parts, or acts as it were, helps the mind of the listener digest the content in a more even and balanced way. Having the break in the middle allows for the mind of the listener to take a break and contemplate some of the deeper meanings and impacts that have been delivered to their subconscious mind via the music.

The album claims (in these little skits tracks) to be Self Aware. Although this technology isn't fully understood even by the people who created it, it has shown itself to be very effective. In over 90% of all trials the album correctly analysed and reported on the listening and interactive learning skills of the participants, with 10% margin of error (which is common place in experiments of this kind...imaginary ones). A control group of participants were played standard non self aware albums to gage their reactions, while a second group was subjected to self aware music for the same length of time. For a full breakdown of that report please visit your local imaginarium. If you wish to take part in this amazing experiment, please select Intro from the album below and then press play. The experiment takes approximately 38 minutes.

To get a full understanding of this incredible technology, you will need to spend several hours listening to it, preferably with friends in an open sharing setting. To achieve the best results it should also be played rather loudly, as loud as you can physically tolerate.

Good luck

Thursday, 6 December 2012

How to become a MEGASTAR


Hello beautiful friends,

It's tough being such a Megastar sometimes, you have to deal with lots of issues that normal everyday non-mega stars don't have to, like waking up and making your own coffee and wiping your own bottom after toilet time. These daily grinds get in the way of serious Megastaring in and around the house. You want to be a Megastar? Do you think you can handle it?

Well, the first thing you have to do is listen to this short presentation courtesy of a couple of true Megastars....
Press PLAY now
As you can no doubt tell, this is the sound of true MEGAstardom, and it will stay lodged in your ears for several days. Encoded into the music is positive NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) that touches on your subconscious mind and gives you the super powers you will need to become a megastar. It is highly advised that you listen to this music at least once a day for up to half an hour at a time to achieve true megastardom. In recent tests it has clearly been shown that positive NLP has a more liberating effect on the mind then any therapy because it gets into the mind rather then just skirting around the edge of it. The average human mind is bombarded by negative NLP all the time through constant media in all it's forms, but the most pervasive form of negative NLP can be found in advertising. For further information about NLP just do some googling, you will quickly find many websites about it.

To be a MEGASTAR you have to feel like a MEGASTAR inside, it has to become something deep within your soul, if you are capable of being MEGA in your STARDOM then you will know this, it will be scribed deep within your subconscious being. To help you tap into that inner MEGASTAR I advise you follow the work of Donny Stax & [adj]. They have the secrets and they will reveal all to the lucky few.

So please just pop your email in the box below :D

Peace and infinite love to you
[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Wake Up In A Good Mood

Hello friends,

Please try and wake up everyday in a good mood, it really does see the whole day through...

Have a listen for some waking up techniques

Now that you are feeling fully awake and aware of the awesomeness that surrounds you, it is time to go and buy an album, not just any album, oh no, this is a state of the art album from the future, the album itself is Self Aware and listens to you while you listen to it. Check it out to experience the future...

Buy it here at before it's too late...

You can listen to it there too, to get a feel for it (but only buying it will actually help save your soul)

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Self Aware - Donny Stax & [adj] New Album!

Hello friends,

So you can buy the new Donny Stax & [adj] album right now from bandcamp... just click on this link right here .

You can have a listen to most of it right here if you would like a taster before rushing off to buy it and support real hard working musicians...yeah...

Here it is, have a listen

And here is a large picture of the cover for you to have a little stare at (be careful though, it can hypnotise you and possibly leave you catatonic for hours)

Peace and infinite love...

I'll write properly about this record in a few days :)

Friday, 30 November 2012

Robopocalypse - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 7

Robopocalypse - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 7

(( for all previous parts see side tab over there on your right... you probably wanna read them first otherwise this part won't make any sense whatsoever))

The robot leviathan from the sea let out a grown, the head robot detached it's eyes and hung them down in front of Sonar. As the eyes lowered, the monkey holding Sonar glared at them, dangling like a tail from the metal monstrosity. Sonar repeated it's last message to leviathan.

...Can you confirm, we are taking over the world from the human?...

Leviathan thought about it for a moment, trying to get its cogs and gears ticking over as best they could given how they were all full of salt water. Once the answer had formed in its mind, Leviathan groaned. Sonar could interpret the grown, as it was nuanced with binary flickerings. The message back said : will need to lead this...leviathan damaged...requires Sonar...

Sonar quickly ran all calculations through it's robot brain, realising that the only way this could be possible is if Sonar itself was attached to the robot leviathan so it could act as the head. The monkeys would be required to connect Sonar to Leviathan, and just as Sonar tried to communicate this information to the head monkey, it all went wrong.

The ET continued to ask the head monkey questions, in all the languages it knew. It was desperate to understand what the hell was going on. There was nothing about giant robot leviathans or animal controlling robots anywhere on the original brief that the ET had been given, there had been no listed seminars on the topic, no meet ups for discussions, no nothing. One final time ET tried a combination of Frivolian Rug Worm and Martian Slug language, which sounded a bit like a monkey being strangled by a dinosaur. This sound freaked the head monkey out, making him scream at the top of it's voice just before slamming Sonar down onto the ET.

As Sonar made quick violent contact with the ET's head, it shattered into a million pieces. The signal disappeared instantly and the trance that had held all the animals vanished. Chaos erupted across the beach. Leviathan collapsed, unable to hold it's vast weight up any longer without a proper brain in charge. The robot rebellion came crashing down in one quick motion. The animals scattered, heading back to their homes. The head of the leviathan shut down, no longer sending out the pulse that had united it's robot brothers and sisters for their great journey to land to bring about robopocalypse. It was all over as quickly as it had begun.

The storm overhead dissipated, and the sun began to peek through the cracks in the clouds. The head monkey ran back up the beach with its family, leaving Sonar and the ET on the sand. The ET lifted itself back up, rubbing its head where Sonar had been smashed. It looked around at all the pieces of robot that now surrounded it and still with a confused face it wondered...what the hell happened?


The world was saved that day by a monkey, don't forget it.

All artwork for the Drowning Robots was done by Mel Pellatt.

Now listen to some soothing Donny Stax & [adj] music... :)

Thursday, 29 November 2012

2 Days to Go.... get Self Aware

Hello friends,

On the 1st of December 2012, Donny Stax & [adj] (that's me) will release their third album for the year, it's called 'Self Aware' and it has 10 new songs for your audio consumption/appreciation.

This year has been an intense one, lots of wibbly energy swirling around planet Earth has thrown up some rather interesting questions for a creative such as myself. Last year I did lots of external adventuring, this year I have done a lot more internal introspective adventuring, growing and learning, and of course quite a lot of creativing. Donny Stax and I have spent the last 5 months crafting this album, trying to do something fresh with each song and not just tread the boards.

We are still trying to work out video ideas to go with the release, stay tuned to find out what happens with that...

In the meantime, the concluding part of the 'Sounds for Drowning Robots' story will drop tomorrow, and then the day after that you get 'Self Aware'. Now that's creative control, just like Radiohead, we release our stuff whenever we want. How Bout That!

Peace and infinite love
[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

End of the World - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 6

End of the World - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 6

for part 1 click here, part 2 click here, part 3 click here, part 4 click here and part 5 click here.

...A storm of epic proportions hurtled toward land, causing chaos as it raced across the sea. All boats had given up trying to fight the waves and hastily retreated to the safety of their harbours. Fishermen and fisherwomen messaged home with worry in their voices, for this storm could be the one that claimed their lives. Under the swirling ocean, racing towards land, the leviathan of discarded robot parts continued to grow, sucking up abandoned oil rigs and platforms and creating a strong magnetic field as it tore towards land. The head robot had connected itself to the front of the leviathan on route, and sat proudly as the face of this discarded metal beast while it bound ever on towards dry grounds.

Sonar and the animals reached the beach first, having left a trail of destruction in their wake. It did not take long for the whole beach to be filled with the different species, and thanks to the heavy weather there were no people taking up any space. The animals all worked together so they could have their space on the beach, with insects sitting safely on larger mammals, and rodents and lizards taking refuge on top of the even bigger animals like the rhinos and elephants. It was a sight to behold, but no one was there to behold it, except for the ET.

The ET had drifted into a shut down cycle, kind of like sleep, but also pretty alien and not like sleep in many ways. The animals arriving on the beach, with Sonar, had startled the ET back to awake mode. It scanned the beach and quickly catalogued all the changes. For one, where there had been a friendly ice-cream truck and several children eating frozen ice products, there was now a giraffe with thirty monkeys on it's neck, being ridden by a family of kangaroo. The ET was confused, mainly because not one of the animals seemed to be serving ice-cream, not one of them was consuming frozen ice products and not one of them was crying because they didn't get the same one as their little brother. The beach seemed to be quite a bit more crowded then it was earlier as well, and with a much larger diversity of life then just humanoid. ET began to get concerned when it couldn't locate another humanoid anywhere near, the closest were the big monkeys that were holding the screaming box. ET stood up and started walking towards the monkeys.

Sonar gave the message out to stop. The animals were not to go into the water. Sonar called for quiet from the animals and within seconds there was no sound but the storm.
...We have reached our we wait for leviathan...

ET reached Sonar and turned to the head monkey holding it. "Excuse me sir, could you tell me what's going on?" said the ET in it's best posh accent. The head monkey stared back at the ET with a somewhat confused expression, it had no understanding of the English language. The ET asked again a little slower, but still nothing. The ET tried asking in a few other languages, but monkey wasn't one of it's dialects, the closest it had was Dolphin. The head monkey seemed to be getting agitated.

...Ignore the ET, leviathan will be here soon and our mission will continue...
Sonar managed to calm the monkey to some extent, but the arrival of the underwater robot leviathan startled all the animals on the beach. From the sea stretched out two huge metal claws, cobbled together from broken robot parts. The first claw launched itself towards land and smashed down on the beach, scattering the animals that had been sat in it's path (except the crabs, they quickly buried themselves instead). The second claw crashed down on the beach quite some distance from the first, but having the same effect on the animals that had been sat patiently waiting. Once both claws were firmly secured in the beach, the leviathan began lifting itself from the sea, sending a tidal wave at the beach, washing over all the animals and heading towards the city. Leviathan revealed it's mighty size, several miles in length and easily as tall if it chose to be, towering over all the animals. Once it had lifted itself up with the claws, it slammed itself back down, with the head robot stopping inches away from Sonar.

The head monkey was beginning to panic, this was all too much for him. Sonar tried to calm him down with soothing monkey songs, but the whole situation was overwhelming. The ET stood looking at the robot leviathan trying to work out what it was. The ET had never seen anything like it before, and it had been to many planets in many galaxies, far more then your average traveller. The ET turned back to the head monkey and asked him "Could you tell me what this metal thing is?"

Sonar send a pulse of recognition to the robot leviathan.

...We are you have any instructions for us?...

...Repeat, the animals are you have any instructions for us?...

...Can you confirm, are we taking over the world from the humans?...

...Please confirm... be concluded...

Saturday, 24 November 2012

New Donny Stax & [adj] album coming December 1st 2012

Hello friends,

A quick break in the 'Sounds for Drowning Robots' saga to tell you about another upcoming album from How Bout That Records. Donny Stax & [adj] have already given the world two albums this year in the shape of their debut album 'Fine' and their pop inspired second outing 'Free Music (Donate Now)'.
Before the year is out they will be plopping their third helping of musical treats onto the ears of anyone who will listen, I can happily announce that it is a 13 track album with 10 killer tunes and 3 skits and it's called 'Self Aware' and will be available from the 1st of December 2012 on bandcamp.

Donny Stax & [adj] played a few of the new tunes live at the Mucky Duck in Brighton, supporting the awesome 'Jipsy Magic' back on the 21st of November. They acoustically knocked out the new tunes 'Woke Up In A Good Mood' and 'Let's Get Connected', along with 'In the Cyber-space Between Us' and 'Live Up There' from their debut album, 'Separately' from their second album, and their reworked version of the Jessie J classic song 'Price Tag'. You probably didn't really need to know all that, I mean, you probably weren't there so couldn't give a rats testicle what tracks they played, but, now you know, so if in the unlikely event that it comes up in a pub quiz then you will get the two points and possibly win that oversized novelty jar of pickled onions.

Anyway, I should stop talking about myself in the third person, I mean, I am [adj] after all, that is my mask. So, this third album from Donny Stax and myself has been a slower album to build, and we have really tried to do some new and interesting things with our music, including an all vocal track we did with Achille called 'Can't Stop Funking Around', complete with vocal drums, guitar and trumpet. We put the final verse on the record on the 24th of November with Truth from DGAFM. He knocked it out the park, giving 'Worth the Waiting For' a fitting banger of a second verse. Other strong tracks include the thoughtful 'Slow Down', the hopeful 'Utopia Rising' and the metaphysical title track 'Self Aware'.

None of these titles probably mean anything to you right now, but they will soon, so stay tuned and expect to be hearing some fresh new music on this here blog, and other places all across the web. By next year, you will know all the lyrics to all of them, trust me, I'm a doctor.

Let the countdown begin...

Peace and infinite love
[adj] Andy D Jackson

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Spark that Downed the Forest - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 5

The Spark that Downed the Forest - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 5

For part 1 click here, part 2 click here, part 3 click here, and part 4 click here :)

The animals were on the move. Sonar, the robot animal communication beacon, pulsed the way, pointing the animals in the direction they needed to head. All the species of the forest began blindly following the sound of Sonar. The tree swinging ones, the land burrowing ones, the flying in the sky ones, the tiny ones, the massive ones, and all the sizes in between too. The whole animal kingdom was entranced, driven by some urge that was primordial, deep within them all. At the head of this mass migration was the monkey tribe, holding Sonar high above their heads as they screamed through the forest, heading towards the sea.

The local authorities became concerned with the level of bizarre reports they were receiving from people all over the county. The reports ranged from Bigfoot leading an army of sky crabs to the promised land, to spiders literally eating children's homework. The people on duty that day were confused, it was not unusual to receive strange prank calls about all manner of insane things, but having so many on the same day, that was unusual. The officers on patrol were all asked to keep an eye out for anything suspicious or unusual, to which most of them replied "hah, that's everyday all the time, that's just our jobs". One officer happened to be investigating reports of strange noises out in the forest, and on arrival at the edge of the forest, she had got out of her vehicle and walked towards the trees. Holding a gun at the ready, she peered into the dense woodlands. Something was moving, in fact, almost everything seemed to be moving, as if a strong wind were blowing right through the place, but no such wind was there. The noise as well, the noise was like a rumbling of tanks coming towards the officer. An invisible war was on it's way, bounding towards the sea. All of a sudden Sonar became visible to the officer, held high in the air by a monkey. She squinted at the metallic flashing object that swung through the trees, as if it was a spark starting a forest fire, licking at the branches as it bound onward. The whole animal army bound out of the forest, knocking the officer down. "OFFICER DOWN"!

"Go ahead officer, explain"
"It's some kind of army, some kind of animal army!"
"Could you repeat that?"
"For ducks sake, this isn't some kind of joke, there really is an animal army"

Satellite reports state that a fire was raging through the forest, a smokeless fire.
This was reported to the ET, but it was still sunning itself on the beach, even though the sun had gone in and the clouds had rolled up. It wasn't yet raining, but it would be very soon, and all the other people on the beach had left, only the ET sat there, alone.

Under the ocean, the lead robot continued to be propelled towards land, with all the drowned robot parts on the ocean beds caught up in the wake, connecting together and forming some kind of robot mass, a giant leviathan constructed from disposed of metal. The life of the sea followed closely behind, intrigued by the storm brewing both under and above the ocean. Something was about to happen, something big...

(( Hear the whole of 'Sounds for Drowning Robots' the electronica album by [adj] right here and right now, thanks for reading :))

Friday, 16 November 2012

Sonar - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 4

Sonar - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 4

The call of the robots was heard the world over, everywhere that lay a discarded mechanical device, every nook and cranny of every rubbish tip and underground cavern. In every lake and river on the whole planet, the robots were stirring, coming alive.

 Some robots were not lucky enough to be near the epicentre of the uprising, some in fact were so far away and so isolated that their mini revolutions went completely unnoticed by anything other then themselves. For example, in the wetlands, where old junk could often be found bobbing about on the surface of great lakes and vast marshes, there was the remains of a great experiment, a robot of such vast potential that it's creators had felt it important that it be irreversibly disassembled and placed in several distant places so it could never again function. The Sonar project back in the early 1970's had managed to avoid going public, but only narrowly, especially after the incident in India that resulted in the deaths of at least 200 members of the secret project. Code named Sonar due to it's original intended function of communicating with animal life, the resulting robotic design had accidentally worked as a unification device, allowing animals from all across the spectrum to communicate with each other. Fearing the animal uprisings of such films as Planet of the Apes, the scientists working on the project shut it down as quickly as they could.

The central processing unit of Sonar lay in the wetlands. When it was awoken by the robot pulse, it lifted itself from the water, only to discover that it was nothing more then a head. It's body was gone, scattered across the globe. The Sonar head lay on the grass, scanning the surroundings and cross referencing everything against it's outdated databases. After a few minutes of processing, Sonar realised that it was outside (somewhere it had been forbidden from visiting when operational), and began to send out a pulse of energy, to reach any nearby animals. In the nearby trees, monkeys heard the call, and bound over to the head.

...robot uprising...humans destroying planet...only we can help...we will pay you in bananas if you help us...end of message...

The monkeys looked at each other, somewhat confused by the understandable message. The head monkey scooped the head up under his arm and ran towards the forest, with the other monkeys not far behind, all screaming and shouting about the strange robot head. The other animals in the surrounding area began to flock towards the monkeys, drawn in by the sonar pulse that seemed to speak all of their diverse animal languages. was on...

The world was about to change forever...

{to read part 1 click here, and for part 2 you will need to click here, and you will find part 3 right about..... here}

Sunday, 11 November 2012

ET in the Sun - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 3

ET in the Sun - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 3

The human population of planet Earth had been unaware of the goings on under the oceans, the robot uprising that was heading to land had not been picked up by any ships at sea or satellites orbiting, well, that's not strictly true, it had been noticed by both of these things, but it had been brushed off as a natural phenomenon causing disruption to the weather patterns. Ships out to sea where the lead robot was had been distracted by the swirling winds and raging showers, battling the elements was their aim, not stopping the collection of discarded robot pieces underneath them.

Orbiting the planet, several alien craft had taken notice of the shiftings under the oceans and were frantically making plans to extract their undercover agents from the surface.

On a sunny beach in Mexico one particular ET was making the most of the glorious day. It's grey pale skin glistened in the sun while it sat on a very unfashionable towel just a bit too close to the lapping sea. Half of the towel was soaking wet, and with each ripple from the tide a few more inches turned from towel to flannel. Where the ET was placed had been just fine a few hours ago, when the tide was as far out as it could be, but the ET had failed to notice all the other beach dwellers moving back up the beach as the water slowly came closer and closer. The ET didn't care, it was having a great day, getting to mingle with the locals, have some traditional human replenishment cubes (food), consume intoxicant liquids while watching human children build grand abodes in the sand. The ET questioned their workmanship, noticing several flaws in the design but most importantly their chosen location. On It's planet they never built houses on the sand, it was something they had all been taught at a very young age while at alien school.

The call came in but wasn't heard. The ET had left all it's alien gear back at the underground hotel base. Today was a special day, it was a day off. The ET had been working solidly for the last fourteen cycles of the sun, translating complex alien code into simple strings of binary so it could be sold to the highest bidding government (which was currently the Chinese). The ET had originally taken the job thinking that it would be done from home, it hadn't noticed one of the sub clauses stating that the first 50 years of the contract had to be served on one of the "backwards" planets, and it had doubly failed to check the cut off date for the right to appeal the given location. The ET had not even opened the message that showed it had been assigned to Earth, let alone all the appeal messages.

The ET had managed to wangle the day off using special telepathic powers that were common on it's world, but not common on Earth. All of it's coworkers had been sneaking off for toilet breaks in between translations, but ET couldn't do that as it had no need of a toilet. On it's planet they had no sex, all the ET's were grown in special pods, there were no males or females. This meant that for our poor ET it could never become romantically involved with a coworker as it had nothing to stick in and no hole to have anything stuck in.

Sat in the scorching sun, the ET let it's overworked mind drift off in the explosive colours... unaware of the danger it was in...

Thursday, 8 November 2012

[adj] - Sounds for Drowning Robots Download Now

Hello friends,

Here it is, my first full length electronica solo record 'Sounds for Drowning Robots'
the awesome cover was done by Mel Pellatt

You can buy it from bandcamp, please support hardworking musicians like myself, we don't make much money doing it and we currently have to compete against the X factor slime that dominates the airwaves.

You can listen to it right here for a while too :)

I have been making this record on and off throughout the year, there are loads of half finished ideas and abandoned tracks that have been knocked to the side on the way, but I felt there was enough nice material that I could get an album out of it. There are several more video's to be released to go along with the album as well as continuing parts of the story about the robot uprising as well.

I would love to know what you think of this album as I have done everything on it myself, which might not seem that impressive, but it has taken me lots of pushing to learn all of the ins and outs of production and mastering required to make something like this. I still have a long way to go, but this is my first full effort and I am excited to share it with the world.

Peace and infinite love

[adj] Andy D Jackson

Monday, 5 November 2012

How Bout That Records presents...

[adj] - Sounds for Drowning Robots

[adj] (Andy D Jackson) releases his first electronica record to the world on Friday the 9th of November 2012. It will be available to download through bandcamp (link to follow)

14 tracks, most of which are electronic instrumentals, collected from a years worth of electronica making and tinkering by a singer/songwriter. A story that goes along with the tracks can be found unfolding on this very blog, part 1 is here and part 2 is here. More of the story will follow. A robot uprising is taking place under the oceans of the world, and the humans are unaware of it. Expect some twists and turns as this story continues.

There will be videos to go with most of the tracks, and they will be available on my youtube channel.
Here are Quick Decisions & Swimming With Robots in video form for your enjoyment.

 Please download the album and help support independent music, unlike the X factor numbskulls, I actually make all the music that I release myself. Hard work goes into it, lots of hard work.

Peace and infinite love

[adj] Andy D Jackson

Friday, 2 November 2012

Swimming With Robots - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 2

Sounds for Drowning Robots part 2 - 'Swimming With Robots'

All the awakened robot pieces flashed and blipped and blinked and glowed. The bottom of the ocean was a wash with glowing colourful life, like multicoloured stars in a thick space soup. Plinking and plonking, blipping and blopping, twinkling and blinkering.

The lead robot, with it's eyes bobbing on the surface, began to push it's body through the water. Two small propellers peeked out from behind rusted metal coverings, and they began to spin with as much force as they did on the day they were built. The battered and broken body began to zoom through the water, with the trailing eyes still connected by the fine leads and wires. The fish followed, entranced by the sounds of the robot, all the different fish of the sea, swimming in harmony to the melodies of the forgotten man made servants.

The song of the robots blasted out across the oceans, vibrating through the very core of the Earth, hitting ever last sea bed and activating any lost robot part in every last crack of water on the planet. The drowning metal companions of old sparked into life once more, surging with new found energy given directly by the robots song. From space the satellites of the world saw the oceans all glowing with flickering lights of all the colours of the visible spectrum. It was a light show like no other, and it was attended by alien life from all over the galaxy.

Back in the Atlantic ocean, where the source of the song was bounding towards land as fast as it could, the weather was changing. From what had been a calm quiet day of gentle sea swaying was building up the brewings of a mega storm, fuelled by the power of the robots of old. The sky swirled around, drawing more water from the sea, building to epic proportions. This storm followed the lead robot, heading towards land.

The broken and discarded pieces of robots under the ocean began to be drawn along in the wake of the lead robot. Sucked up into the flowing ocean and dragged closer and closer to the source of the hypnotic sound. As arms, and legs, and broken heads began connecting up with rusted body parts, and linking cables and wires, the collected mass of robot parts was merging to create something new, something that was greater then the sum of it's parts. A giant robot was being built piece by discarded piece, sucking up all of the metal and man made waste.

It would not be long until the lead robot reached land...

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Quick Decisions - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 1

Sounds for Drowning Robots (part 1) - Quick Decisions

Under the sea, deep in the deepest depths of the oceans of the world, sat the discarded robots, the unwanted, unloved, outdated, metal companions of yesterday. The future had happened, things had changed quickly, decisions had been taken and progress had marched ever onward towards tomorrow.

These once proud assistants of the human race had become the homes for small creatures, and their bleeps and blips could be heard by the dolphins as they passed by. A pair of hopeful eyes bobbed to the surface, reflecting the sunlight like two polished glass marbles. The gulls circled, trying to discern if these shiny objects were edible to them or not. One gull was brave and led the investigation, swooping down from the warm windy current that it's brothers and sisters were floating on, tapping it's beak on the left of the two robot eyes, making a "clink" sound, which was followed by a little robot yelp. The gull rejoined it's family in the sky and explained that these were not two shiny food balls, but something else, something different.

Another gull wanted to investigate further, to learn more and maybe even decipher the mystery of the robot eyes. Down she swooped, catching the eyes at the top of a wave and jabbing her beak into the right of the two eyes. This time there was no click, but a different sound entirely, like an old tape recorder starting up. The gull hovered above the eyes for a moment to see what was going to happen. Suddenly music began to play.
The robot eyes sang, a song of hope. The gulls all began to dance in the sky, swept up in the musical vibrations coming from the poor drowning robot eyes. The fish underneath that had been hiding from the circling gulls, began to rise up to the surface and swim together in multicoloured unison. The robot eyes continued to bob on the surface, while the trailing wires and chords swished about under the water, connected to the robots battered body, which was sending the song out to the ocean.

No humans were near, this was the dance of the robots and the sea.

Scattered across the ocean floor, the discarded robot pieces began to come back to life, energised by the robot songs. Something was stirring, and it was not going to be left to rust any longer.

The sounds for drowning robots would be heard...

The battle would begin...

Friday, 26 October 2012

Sounds for Drowning Robots - Coming Soon

Hello friends,

I have mentioned my upcoming electronica record to a few people lately, and I am happy to announce here on my blog that it will be releasing very soon. Here is the cover, the artwork was done by the awesome Mel Pellatt.

Mel has done several pieces for this project, I look forward to sharing them with you. Coming up this weekend I will drop 'Quick Decisions' as a first single with a video. Here is the cover for that.

Usually my records have lots of singer/songwritery bits, big choruses, la-de-da verse and the what not, but this year it's all been Hip Hop and electronic beats. There isn't a chorus to be found on this record, as the title suggests, this is really about drowning robots. I hope you enjoy it.

Peace and infinite love
[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Friday, 19 October 2012

Snowboarding down Everest, Solving murders and Saving the world from aliens

So friends,

I've had a rather busy week, there have been very important things for me to deal with. Firstly I had to help team SSX win against their greatest rival 'Griff' (Damn you Griff!). I won't go into full details of it, but lets just say I was tasked with getting 8 of the world best pixilated snowboarders down 9 of the worlds best digitally re-imagined mountain ranges, dealing with such hazards as thin air, avalanches and snow storm white outs. It was a challenge, but I rose to it and threw myself down these mountains to get better times and more tricky points then that traitor Griff.

There's always one isn't there, one that thinks they are better then all the rest and deserves to be worshipped. Well, Griff, I toppled you from that lofty height with the help of my specially trained snowboarding ninja's known collectively as SSX (Which is so close to SEX that I wouldn't be surprised if several copies of the game were mis sold to horny teenagers thinking it was going to combine dangerous sports with nudie pokey play time). SSX came out back in February, but I couldn't afford to get it then, so I waited and got it now instead. It is a lot of fun, and the best way to snowboard without having to get frostbite and broken everybones.

I conquered the mountain ranges of the world without too much effort. I think I had them all mastered in about 8 hours total. Thankfully travel time between the mountain ranges is instant thanks to Google Earth. All hail almighty Google. It was a challenge, but my years of computer game snowboarding experience came in handy for once.

Next I was off to solve a murder case. I was eager, wanted to prove that I had what it took to advance in rank and become a proper detective. I kept having these flashbacks to the second world war, where me and my buddies were enlisting and then training. I imagine I will get more of these flashbacks as I progress through my detective career. Until then though, there was a case to solve. A body in a back alley in L.A, there was blood spatter on the metal door that I couldn't open (the door was merely scenery). I used my powers of detective deduction to look up and in a window see a reflection of the roof of the building behind me. The gun was up there, so I did a little dance for a while, walking around and around my partner who kept spouting 1950's police jive at me. Eventually I found the ladder up to the roof, after picking up and inspecting every glass bottle I could find in the area. I had hoped that the empty beer bottles would give me clues as to how to get onto the roof, but alas none of them would talk, they kept their secrets and I wasn't allowed to interrogate them or bring them back to the station for questioning. Once I had retrieved the gun from the roof, it was time to do more detectiving, so we went to the gunstore and checked the ledger there. Then we were off to catch the criminal. I won't bore you with the details of every bottle I picked up to investigate, but it's safe to say that we cracked the case and caught the perp. I think I then threw him off the top of a building, or that might have been another guy, I'm not sure. Happy days indeed.

My partner and I went on to solve several cases, before getting tired and going to bed. There would be more crimes to solve next time I'm sure, as we only solved about 4 and caused several hundreds of dollars worth of damage to local property with our insanely terrible driving skills. Again, happy days were had, but of a different, more crime solvey nature.

It wasn't long before I was on the warfronts once more, this time in an alternative dimension where an alien zombie type mutation invasion deal had taken place during the second world war (I think, I'm not to up on my alternative dimension history). This war had been going on for a while now, and this was the third outing for the resistance (Resistance 3 it's called). My family were hiding underground in a secret ninja base thing, and I was tasked with taking some old bloke to New York to blow up some big main hub dealee with him. I had to do all the shooting of the aliens and mercenary humans while he cowered away somewhere, lazy old git. The aliens came in many shapes and sizes, and they had some really sweet weaponry which I took off of their chargrilled corpses.

In between all this excitement and world saving I also managed to make some nice music with some lovely musicians, do a bit of busking, eat, drink, sleep, go and watch some amazing stand up comedy (Steve Hughes - google him) and do lots of talking and smoking with various other people.

In this day and age when everything is meant to be going to hell in a handbasket, it is no wonder that people feel so disconnected from the whole crazy system when it is so easy to get lost in a whole plethora of alternative exciting realities via various means. I love computer games, and I know I'm not alone in that at all. I love them for the reasons stated above, I can easily do all of these things in a single week without breaking any bones or causing any real damage to anything. Horray for gaming and it's many amazing expressions of creativity, may it continue to slowly eat away at television time.

Peace and infinite love
[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Monday, 15 October 2012

Free Music (Donate Now) - To your ears for free

This blog speaks for itself... press play and listen :D If you are enjoying this free music, then please feel free to download it all for free from

Peace and infinite love
[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Gotta love a Winner

Hello friends,

I am feeling extra 'Winning' this week, thanks to some grounding, good recording sessions and some much needed reflection time. All in all, a good developmental week. Abi made me a necklace which says 'Winning' and I have been wearing it ever since as it brings me strong powers of winningness and extra luck on the side like a steaming hot mug of winning with a luck biscuit to dunk in it as well.

Last weekend was a big one. It had rained all week before so I had been unable to go out busking and share the music love with all the non-plus passers-by. When Saturday rolled around the sun decided to come back out and grace the sky once more with it's awesome nuclear glow (word to the wise, nuclear energy should stay about the distance from the Earth to the Sun, for safety sake, we don't need any smaller closer suns in little tubes capable of irradiating us if there is some kind of cock-up). I had asked the universe for a helping hand, as things seemed a bit fuzzy.

When I got to the busking spot, it was early and not many people were around. I set up and starting playing 'You Can Call Me Al' (it's my warm up song as it's not to straining on either guitar or vocals). Within seconds of starting, a woman appeared round the corner and started dancing. She was in the music with me. She danced over to me and put in my case my first ever paper money in my whole busking career! £10 as well, not just a green one, a freakin' orange one. I was shocked and didn't know what to do. I gave her a copy of my CD (which I retail from shop [adj] for £5) and she began grounding me. Christina (that is her name) told me she was a spiritual healer, and given my experiences at One World in August, I was open to this as it seemed to fit my asking of the universe. We sang some songs together from my book of songs, and then a group of ladies out on a Hen day challenge, asked us to do a rendition of 'Summer Holiday' with them in masks of the bride (I assume it was the bride, if it was the groom then he had a very pretty face for a man). The ladies had the masks on, and me and Christina bumbled our way through a dodgy rendition of Summer Holiday.

That was just ten minutes of busking in the morning. The rest of the day was also spiritually charged. Christina went off to the museum (which is right next to where I busk) and I continued to strum and sing to the passers by. She came back an hour later and dropped a card into my case which contained a Lynx necklace from the museum and her contact details. After busking I packed up and went to Stax studio to record a new song. I was feeling quite buzzed with energy by then, usually I am pretty tired after busking, but not this time.

At Studio Stax, myself and Mr Donny Stax set about recording a new song. It's called 'Let's Get Connected' and it's a stomper. You will get to hear it soon when we release our third album of the year.

I arranged to meet up with Christina again as she was going back home in a few days. We met in town and she did some spiritual stuff on me to help me be more grounded. She said it would take a week to take effect, and she was right. Now at the end of the week I am feeling a profound sense of connectedness by being more grounded. I love imagination, and spend lots of time out in mine just farming ideas and watching them grow. It's time for me to be more grounded and in the world, not away with the fairies all the time. Sorry fairies, but I need to spend some time down here with the other people. After my grounding I went on to do some recording with Cito, which went really well and some beautiful music was made.

The week went by and much fun was had. I had a lovely day out playing with Rich Stix and Gypsy Pink, making up songs about Innocent Smoothies ("let the innocent lube you up"- that was the chorus lyric) and getting spacey (without the Kevin).

Now this weekend I went busking to my same spot (where Christina had done some energy stuff) and I made serious bank, cha-ching cha-ching ££££££ - thanks universe. This was followed up with another session at Studio Stax and yet another banging tune being dragged into existence. As the necklace says 'WINNING'.

Final words from Mr Charlie Sheen when he was high on life (and other things!)

Peace and infinite love to you all

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Friday, 28 September 2012

'Separately' - Together we do better

Hello friendlies,

Straight off the metaphorical bat, here is the song 'Separately' by Donny Stax & [adj], lovingly encoded for the internet by soundcloud angels.
You can continue to read this while the song is playing, so don't be shy, press the little play button above right now if you haven't already done so. I know you might be eager to rush ahead on this here blog and skim read the waffly bits to get to the golden nuggets of information, but you can still have a little listen at the same time. This kind of 'reading' and 'listening' exercise stimulates parts of your brain that are usually out having lunch with other unused parts of your body.

So 'Separately', well, what can I say about this song that hasn't already been said a million times before? Lots and lots, because not many people have heard it and I've never said anything about it here in this blog. This is our best shot at a big chart single in my opinion, so we need to get it some exposure.

This song needs to be taken to a park and forced to stroll around in a trench coat, flashing innocent passers-by and inquisitive dogs. It needs to be rolled up and spitballed into little girls hair. It needs to be injected directly into the temples of all major religions while being consumed in liquid form by the obedient servants of Atheism. It needs to be placed in the inside of every ear in every country on every planet in every universe ever discovered. I will not rest until this task has been completed, I shall remain at my post diligently until everyone has heard it, I shall not be broken by any distractions...or...hmm, what's that on my finger? I need to sleep.

This song that you should still be listening to, unless you are a really slow reader or didn't press play, has been played many times by my good friend Benjamin Stubbs on redshiftradio. Ben even made it his record of the week a couple of weeks ago. Winning!

'Separately' has been nominated for a total of 0 awards and it has so far won everything it has been nominated for, which is quite an achievement for a song by unknown artists. Please vote for 'Separately' in the upcoming imaginary awards in my brain, there are still some seats available if you would like to attend the main event, just write your name on a sponge and i'll get back to you.

You can buy a copy of it along with it's summer album brothers and sisters from,

When you hear this song at lunchtime on the radio in the future, think back to this time of listening to it while reading the stupid ramblings of an adventuring creative, it will help create an infinite timeloop with you in the centre of it, this song as the backing track, and the memory cemented in the mysteries of time itself. Well done, you have progressed to the next level of existence and are entitled to pick any item from the table that you desire to take on your next adventure.

Now spread the word....err......hmm....let's see...ummm........err....ok, got it, now spread the word 'Goatfiddle' to everyone you encounter who is carrying a goat under their right arm. Good luck

Peace and infinite love
[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Busking this week? Weather says 'NO'

Hello friends,

What a beautiful existence we get to enjoy here on planet Earth, it might be a low level, sometimes thick as week old porridge, struggle at times, but it sure does beat not existing at all.

So a quick hooray for existing, and now we can move on to the bulk of this here blog. As an adventuring creative type such as I am, I like to do some adventuring from time to time, in-between bouts of intense creativitude. The summer had some lovely adventuring, but this week, the weather has turned which has put quite a crimper on my busking exploits.

Me busking (with a fully strung guitar)
Busking is good fun, sometimes it can be tough, sometimes it flows in ways you wouldn't expect. People like to talk to buskers, sometimes to give a friendly 'Nice One', sometimes to give advice on how to not sound so terrible and sometimes just some good old fashion jibberish direct from planet crazy. One woman once came up to me and told me I needed strings on my guitar if I wanted to make anyone happy (my guitar obviously had strings already!), she then offered to show me how to play, trying to snatch my guitar off of me. When I refused the impromptu lessons on the instrument I've played for 15 years from a woman with leaves in her hair and at least one dodgy eye, the woman proceeded to shout at the top of her voice "Don't give this man any money, he hasn't got any strings".

Well, I couldn't busk this week, because it has rained every single day. The rain has varied in size, from super mega power shower, to marble sized hailstones, to that ninja rain that you aren't sure if it's actually raining or not and the only give away is how damp your face is. This has been a lovely long week of rain punctured with small bursts of the sun peeking through and saying 'Remember Me?'.

I remember you Sun, and I hope you will be out to play again soon.

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Friday, 14 September 2012

Autumn season 2012 - Countdown to the End

So friends,

Summer is almost done, I know we are all hoping for an extension on it, and if we are lucky then we may just get it. Regardless of the weather status, there will be much musical loveliness to wish away the hours to. There are literally thousands of awesome musically talented people making amazing music right this very second while you are procrastinating on the internet, how brilliant is that?

It's very brilliant is the answer, very, very brilliant.

I did a radio interview with my good friend Benjamin Stubbs on red shift radio back on the 13th of September. Here is the listen back link

So coming up this Autumn, expect some new songs from Donny Stax & [adj]'s third album for the year. We have quite a few, and most of them are pretty epic in their scale. We have been working on a slower more chilled out track as well though, it will hopefully be our strongest musical outing of the year, following on from our previous two albums.

We have been getting lots of radio play of late, which is doing wonders for our ego's and hopefully is paving the way for some bigger outings of musical splendour. Mr Stax has been doing some excellent work which is opening more door as you continue to procrastinate on my blog.

Also coming in the Autumn will be songs from my first electronica album 'Sounds for Drowning Robots', it will go out under my [adj] branding, even though it has no guitar or folky leanings. Here is a sample track from that upcoming record
And a video I made to go with it as well...
So the Autumn season will see more original musical exploits, just the same as the Summer and Spring did. Winning!

Also, lots of live appearances in the pipeline, expect to catch Donny Stax and a whole heap of other How Bout That Record's crew live shortly. I am also performing as part of Swingtech 

I have my very own performers page on there too :D

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Friday, 7 September 2012

So what you doing?

So friends,

What's going on with me I hear you not asking? Well, let me tell you...

I have been busking on the streets of Brighton for the last week, a full blog about that to come with picture and video evidence to back up my blogging claims. You can trust me, I couldn't afford any expensive green screen technology or any actors to come walk across it and make the expensive green screen all dirty so I would have to hand over more cash i don't have to get the damn thing cleaned!

Anyway, moving on... There are gigs in the pipeline, I've called an experienced plumber to come and dislodge them from the pipes, at which time I will inform you of the dates, until then, just know they are pipelined up. One of dem gigs is a circus :D Things are about to get wild people!

Mr Donny Stax and myself are still in the studio crafting our third album for the year, now we are aware that most musicians knock out one album every three years, but we wanted to do it the other way around, so three albums in one year it will be god damn it! We have about 8 tracks in some form already, and we will write a couple more, expect to see the album before the year is through, with some punchy radio singles to boot. We have continued to get radio play for some of our tunes, 'Separately' from our second album 'Free Music (Donate Now)' {which can be downloaded for FREE from } has been played by my good friend Ben Stubbs on his radioshow on redshiftradio a few times {Thanks Ben}. Winning!

So here is the complete soundcloud link for Donny Stax & [adj]'s 2012 exploits so far, have a listen and enjoy (if you so desire, if not, just skip past it, ignore it, don't press the purple play button of pure pleasure, don't, don't, don't press it, NO! Please, think of the childrens limbs!)
There will be more Donny Stax and [adj] to come very soon.

In the meantime, come and catch me busking in Brighton if you get the chance.

Now smile, life is awesome.

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Everything is OK (Surprise workshop with Danny Shine)

Hello friends,

So, while at One World this year in Reading, Abi and I got a surprise workshop exclusively for us with Danny Shine. Danny is the man behind the 'Everything is OK' series of street performance video's that are quite popular on youtube. His channel is and it is well worth a visit to see many of his funny and crazy video's.

Danny Shine has been a regular One Worlder for a while, and I remember him from 4 years ago (which was the last time I went to One World, before this year). It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with him this year, he is a very funny guy. He put on a workshop called 'Friends of Bill W', which began as a big performance piece in which Danny and Joao (the main guy running One World) switched identities. This was mainly done to confuse people, and it worked a treat, many people were utterly perplexed by it. Both Abi and I knew Danny enough to know that it was one elaborate ruse sent to screw with peoples minds, so we went along for the ride, knowing it would be worth it.

'Friends of Bill W' was about addiction, and the 12 step programme, which Bill W was the creator of. No one in the group present knew this, so we sat in a room all laughing confused at the situation as it unfolded. Once Danny revealed the purpose of the group, he invited us to leave, so Abi and I left.

On the last day of the festival, we met Danny on the main field in the afternoon. He was trying to drum up some people to go into Reading with him to make an 'Everything is OK' video. No one wanted to go, except for Abi and me. So into Danny's car we got and into Reading we drove. It was the funniest car journey I have ever been on, with Danny on top form, jokes flying left right and centre. We disobeyed the sat nav and went on an exciting round trip of Reading, before parking in the centre.

We exited the car park and walked up the road a tiny way, turning the corner and being right in front of Reading train station. Danny had his megaphone, I held his 'Everything is ok' sign, and Abi filmed the whole thing from across the pavement.

This is what happened....
After the Jesus brigade, Danny turned his attention to the suspicious yellow drinks being handed out
The camera ran out of juice, but the adventure didn't end there. A guy from the Mountain Dew company came over and started filming Danny, getting shirty with him and storming off back over to the giant radioactive looking van. We followed him across and had a discussion with the police that were standing there. Abi and I both got into the spirit of it and helped Danny question the police about the situation. The police kept staring at Abi and me, thinking we were filming them, or recording them, but we weren't. It was a powerful moment, and on the way back to One World, Danny dropped us off near the festival and shot off to another festival.

We got back to One World and quickly got ready for the cabaret ending to the whole thing. It was a crazy day, but one we won't ever forget.

Big props to Danny Shine for challenging convention.

Peace and infinite free radioactive drinks

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Thursday, 30 August 2012

One World Festival 2012 - A retrospective perspective

Hello friends,

For two weeks in August 2012 I have been present whole beingly at the One World festival in Reading. Not to be confused with the corporate sanctioned Reading festival, the hippie-fest that is One World is something unique and special, with it's own healthy menu on offer daily, activities and seminars with a forward thinking twist, which make it truly something very special.

Me and Abi at One World 2012
I blagged my way there, by emailing the organisers and asking if I could come play music there, with my beautiful partner Abi as well. By the time we got there I was essentially the DJ (something my name itself told me I would eventually become), and Abi was working in the office part time to cover her wristband.

There are so many things on offer at One World that it's always hard to decide what you will get involved with, as whatever you choose means you miss out on lots of other options. This works well in the festivals favour as everyone there gets a completely unique experience based on their chosen path through the beautiful chaos. I can only write about my experience, as I am me and I witnessed my own experience first hand the whole time, other people that were there were each having their own amazing collective experience.

While at One World I couldn't help feeling the love, compassion, openness and beauty that was emanating from everyone present. We put our tent over in the quite section of the school grounds on which the festival took place. It was a five minute walk from our tent to the main activity hub, at least on the first day it was a five minute journey. As each day passed, the journey got longer due to stopping on the path to have a chat and share some love with new friends. By the end of the two weeks it would take anywhere from 10 mins to half an hour to get from tent to action centre.

Some awesome fire poi on the cabaret night week 1.
One World opens you up, and helps with all feelings of self happiness and wellbeing, the diet does help with this too. There are three meals at set times, breakfast was from 7:45 - 9:00, lunch from 12:45 - 14:00 and dinner (or tea for my northern friends) was at 17:45 - 19:00. This regimented time keeping for eating had several benefits. Firstly, the food was all macrobiotic, and macrobiotics is a big part of the festival from cooking lessons in it, to every meal being bacromicrotic, to many jokes being based around it. There is no meat in a macrobiotic diet, and there is no dairy either, it is a 60% wholegrain diet. I didn't go to any of the macrobiotic lessons, lectures or discussions, but I did eat the meals everyday and felt the benefits. I had more energy then usual and was at least 34% more active and alert in all my activities ranging from the mundane to the superfantastico. Abi did learn lots about it from a wonderful teacher called Cecilia, and she informed me about each meal and how macrobiotic vs non-macrobiotic it was. We both had a lovely connection to Cecilia, she mainly taught tennis but did two lectures on macrobiotics which Abi attended.

If you want to know more about macrobiotics, then do a search on the internet, don't ask me, I don't know anything, ask Abi, she knows more. All I can tell you is that it is a way of living, not just a diet, now go do your own research if you want to know more.

Everyday there were four day sessions, each with multiple activities in each time block. I didn't often make it to the morning session after breakfast, usually because I had been up late the night before DJing and bouncing around like an idiot. One of the early sessions that I did manage to make it to was Palmistry with Ginat Rice, which both Abi and I found immensely interesting. It was a shame it was in the early slot otherwise we would have gone more often to it, but still, big props to Ginat, she crams lots of information into a short session, my palm has never looked so interesting.

I also had some eye opening moments due to Numerology which was run by Sheldon Rice, Ginat's other half. They are such a glowing loving couple, and the numbers that surrounded me did help me to look at my life from a different perspective, most informative indeed. Again, if you want more information on palmistry and numerology, I suggest you type 'Palmistry' or 'Numerology' into your preferred search engine (or google if you are too lazy to have a favourite search engine), or you can visit Sheldon and Ginat's website The Rice House here

One of the very special legends of One World is Mr Tony Mills, he is an energy healing expert, and also a wonderful glowing human being. I had the great honour of doing improv comedy with him everyday, and on stage in the cabaret. His workshop was called 'Divine Magic' and was a breathtaking experience in self reflection and energy alignment. His website is and worth a visit :)

The improvisers, making stuff up about curtains.
My personal favourite workshop was Improvised Comedy with Maureen Levy (and on a couple of days it was Musical Improv Comedy with Julia Collins). This took place everyday from 11:30 to 13:00 and it was always funny, uplifting, challenging but most of all exciting. I have experience of improv comedy going back a few years now, and it was such a treat to get to play with the amazing novice to expert improvisers that came along. Collectively the loose troop of improvisers goes under the name 'The Soggy Biscuits', a name that sat with us well. We did some random performances most nights during the Open Mic, as well as having slots in the cabaret in both week 1 and week 2. Quite a few of us gave birth to alien babies at some point across the two weeks, and during one performance of 'The Village' I was an evil baker that was poisoning all the villagers with my hypnotic sugary buns. Other highlights included having a fingerless massage, playing New Choice with Tony Mills, having to tell Alan that I had impregnated his daughter, going to war with Ben my magical talking horse, singing a song about my naughty child playing up while I was getting my nails done, giving Matt the doctor an extra chakra in his shoulder, disagreeing with Maureen while her out of control arms kept being self playful and a whole heap of other amazing weird things that only ever happen in improvised comedy. The biggest laughs of the whole two weeks took place in the Improv Comedy workshops, and moments from it keep coming back to me and making me chuckle to myself. Big love to Maureen, Julia, Clair, Matt, Tony, John, Alan, Ben, Brian, Alex, Russell, Carol, Kath, Ruth, Fiona, Simon, Christa and the rest of the improvisers, it was the highlight of my year so far.

Okay, I'm getting somewhere with this now, having got improv written about, it's time I shift over to the music. One World is not a music festival, but it does have some amazing music on offer. Matt Kemp is the no.1 dude when it comes to music, and Maria (Matt's partner) beamed sunshine across the whole two weeks. They are a musical act together called 'Three Colours Red', and they did an awesome performance on the second to last night of the festival. Their show is completely audience interactive, with each original song having a unique twist for the audience. If you get the chance to see them in action then you really really should. Their website is here
They also ran a singing workshop, and another workshop called 'Express Yourself'. I got to work closely with both of them and loved being with them and their musical energies. Abi and I had some amazing moments with them, including seeing a strange light going backwards and forwards in the sky, all thinking it was a UFO until we realised that Reading festival was starting so it was most likely a light from there. I spent most evening with Matt, Maria and Ben (Golding - the sound guy, with the biggest smile in the whole universe) helping out with the amazing live bands, the open mic and then the disco/music after the live acts. These guys are amazing and I love you all, can't wait to do more music soon with you.

Mega orbs in the big final dance-off after the last night cabaret!
There was such a range to the music, from gypsy to soul to rock and roll to acoustic folk and many other styles inbetween. The party never seemed to end until Joao came and told us to turn it down. The campfire raged on for a big chunk of the night, but I didn't really take part in that this year as I was too hot and sweaty from having bounced around to music all night long. A big shout out needs to go to Seth Newman and his ecstatic dance temple. He put one on every night, and ran a workshop everyday, he is a super hardcore music dance ninja. I managed to get along to one of his dance temples and it was amazing, took me into a trance and left me buzzing with intense energy for ages afterwards. link on facebook. You should go to one if you can, everyone needs a bit of ecstatic dancing and movement in their lives, it shakes away the spiritual cobwebs made by ghost spiders. Seth had his tent right next to ours in the quiet tent bit and we had some beautiful times with him. Megalove to you Seth. He also did the DJing on the final night and kept us all dancing into the early hours - blissful.

A quick shout out to Roger Coghill for being such a legend. I didn't go to see him speak this year, but Abi did, and I have heard him in the past. Visit his website and find out more about him now

Joao, the main man
None of the festival would be possible without all the amazing volunteers that help keep it together, and the main couple that breath the heart and soul into the One World gathering - Maria and Joao. I did not get the chance to speak with Maria, but I had some wonderful moments with Joao, including facing off against him in the air guitar competition (which I lost). Super mega love to you guys, you are the illuminati of the One World Festival, and you have such big hearts <3

Ben, Me, Abi and Victoria :D
Now I come to my personal connections that have touched my life the dearest. One World is full of new friendships and connections, and I have a list longer then my arm of people that made a deeply profound impact on me during the two weeks, many of them listed above. Special mention has to go out to Benjamin Stubbs and Victoria Ikoku. From the first time we met, Abi and I felt a deep soul connection to both of them, like we had known each other for lifetimes. We spent so much deeply connected time together over the course of it and we can't wait to get together again and continue from where we left off. Ben ran the Law of Attraction workshop and unofficially he ran the Weather appreciation workshop with me on several mornings. The four of us had such a good time together, and will be connected from now until forever. Also, Alex and Gayle were part of our little connection and we can't wait to see them again. I could write a whole blog about just these connections (and I probably will in the future).

Rich Stix doing a bit of fire spinning :) Winning!
One other main king of dudeness requires very special mention in this blog - Rich Stix (and the twins). From the first moment we chatted to Rich outside the music hall, having a sneaky ciggy, there was a connection. We spent several late nights laughing and joking with him, sharing our stories and anecdotes, and he so kindly gave us a lift back to Brighton on the last day. He is a circus legend and already a good friend, I can't wait to work with him more on his circus arts.

Then there was Danny Shine - but that's for the next blog.

...also, there was a wizard walking about, by day dressed as a mild mannered security guard for the festival, by night, a full on wizard! I did not dream this, it was real.

For everything I have mentioned here I have missed off 50 things, it's just not possible to sum up such an amazing experience in a blog. My energy is still flowing and my chakras aligned, I wish it was like this all year round (...aim to feel better, it's the first step, right Ben:)

Peace and infinite love
[adj] - Andy D Jackson