Thursday, 26 December 2013

The day of the Box

Happy Boxing Day friends,

All the gifts have been unpacked, all the wrapping paper stuffed into sacks, all the tags left dangling from the skins of their former homes, Christmas wishing paradoxes have been closed, you either got what you wanted or were left disappointed, either way it is now over and you know the outcome.

Welcome to the day of the Box.

When considering this conceptually metaphorical come down day there are a few factors to consider. Within it's name there is much worth discussing, for 'Boxing' is a sport, an activity involving boxes, a passive interaction with a TV and a process under which a mind can be placed.

Boxing (The Sport)

Old red gloves wins again.
Although Boxing Day is called Boxing Day, I don't think it actually involves any actual boxing. There probably is actual Boxing happening on Boxing day, possibly in many places all over the world, BUT these are merely coincidental Boxing matches happening coincidentally on the same day as the officially endorsed holiday 'Boxing Day' rather then the standard requirement of the day. It is not sacrilegious to not attend a boxing match on Boxing day, you will not face the lake of fire for not attending a person on person beat-a-thon with big red gloves, you are free to never go to a boxing match your entire life should that be your decision. It should be noted though, that Boxing matches on Boxing day are scientifically proven to be 34% more punchy then matches taking place on any other day, proving that at the very least, Boxers believe that Boxing day is about them. Good for them.

Boxing (The activity involving boxes)
Kitties in boxes, now that is cute and box related.

Now this is the one that Boxing Day is most probably about, it would seem appropriate that today would be a good day for breaking down all the old boxes from the unwrapped gifts of yesterday. Boring reason to name a day though, it could have been something more interesting like 'Gift skin disposal day'. It is important to make sure that all the boxes are empty before disposal, you don't want to be finding kittens starving in your bins the next day.

Boxing (Watching the TV)
Digest the information anyway you can...
This is a good time to watch some TV, to help all that food digest and just to catch up on films that you missed at the cinema. Also there are all the Christmas specials of shows you didn't watch, as well as all the epic drama of the soap operas. It's all rubbish really though isn't it? So many of the same old things trying to get your attention with some sparkly tinsel. Oh well, I'm usually too far gone to care about it.

Boxing (The process of limiting the mind)

Keep those heads in them boxes
And finally, the process of squashing the human mind into a box. We all know the term 'think outside the box', which of course is only possible if our normal patterns of thinking are considered box like. On this day, we must try and cram our minds back into those boxes which they have been trying to think outside of so willy-nilly-ly, confine our imaginings and musings to ones of a practical and box shaped nature. Don't worry, it's just for a day, because tomorrow is Un-boxing day, when our minds can freely wander again un-boxed.
Boxing day's done, time for the mind un-boxing

None of that made sense, but it doesn't matter, it's in the box thinking, it doesn't need to make sense.

Peace and infinite boxes
Mr Jackson

P.S - this was day 26 of the blog-a-day-a-thon, which I started 26 days ago, only 5 left.

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