Monday, 16 December 2013

Optical Illusions - Brain scrambled like eggs (part 2)

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So once again we go down the road of the confusing eye. This time however, we shall be taking a look at some of the internets finest picture optical illusions. There is some artwork blended in, acting as a bridge to the previous blog about this topic, which you can read by clicking here

A picture speaks a thousand words, so here are a few pictures (the equivalent of a few thousand words).

This is some amazing floor art, a gaping hole to the centre of the Earth, with demons crawling up out of it, freaking awesomeness. These kind of illusions can be done on any flooring surface, but are mainly found on pavements done by extremely talented artists.

You can check out loads more of these here on a blog about the 5 best pavement artists -

Old fish eyes is back!
So old fish eyes is pretty cool, the best thing about this picture is that when she takes the fish away her eyes look the same as when the fish are there.
The anthropomorphism of the fish as human eyes is both beautiful and disturbing in equal measures.

This photo is like a living version of those three part people drawings we all did as kids (when you drew a head and then folded the page over so the next snotty kid could draw the body before letting the third snotty (and smelly) kid draw on the legs).

This is the kind of arty photo that would win a student a prize in their final term.
Everything she eats goes straight to her thighs.
This is a great perspective shot, so simple yet so very effective.

I have nothing to add to this photo, so I
will leave this caption bit blank.
Optical illusions using the sun are the ultimate in 'small', 'far away' thinking. We all know that the sun is twenty three trillion feet from us at all times, but we still easily fall into the trap of seeing it as a small light.

It is possible that the moon itself is just an optical illusion, I heard from a friend that the moon is actually a giant space hotel for interstellar tourism, and the Earth is just a museum that aliens come to watch and laugh at from the comfort and safety of the moon hotel. It's hard to get reservations there, and if you try I advise using a fake alien name and try and arrange an alien friend to come and pick you up and drop you at the hotel, they don't take kindly to human vessels trying to dock there.

There are loads of these sun as a football pictures, just search for 'sun as a football' on Almighty Google.

Graffiti using light to it's advantage, cheeky.
This little alien here has been in training for cattle abduction by practicing on insects in this tunnel.

Small...far away...

Artists make use of the perspective problems of the human eye in many ingenious ways. Like this chair for example, makes for a great picture of a tiny person sitting on it, but is completely impractical for everyday chair use. You will not find these in your local furniture store, you have to order them online.

Oh I faced it...
Art is great for a bit of perspective shifting...
Not really 3D, but god damn it, it sure looks like it is!
These kinds of optical illusion come in a couple of forms, there is a good Jesus on the wall one.
Okay, there's more then enough there for today, if you want more optical illusions you will find many similar lazy blogs like mine all over the internet.

One final one for you

Peace and infinite love
Mr Jackson (Andy Jackson,[adj])

P.S - for anyone following along, this was day 16 of my blog-a-day-a-thon-thing-ama-jig

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