Saturday, 21 December 2013

The shortest day of the year

So friends,

We are at the shortest day, the sun will only be traversing our skies for a few hours, then it will be going to bed early and having a nice long sleep. Oh Winter solstice, how bitter you can feel.
Early bedtime for the sun, it sleeps in the sea.
But this is a good thing, the cycle of the seasons allows us an opportunity to construct patterns and shift routines, both important elements in making life a rich and exciting experience. The darkest days give us a respite from the long social sunny ones. The moon becomes our sky friend for longer, it may not shine as brightly as the sun but it's pale light is always welcome.

The project I've been working on this year, and will be working on into the next year, is based around these themes, the sun and the moon, and more importantly the outwardly open social sunshine and the inwardly reflective moonlight. It is taking shape ever so nicely and I can't wait to share it with the world. I am working with an amazing producer and musician Mr Ashley Carter from DGAFM (look them up!), and the sounds he has been building take my little acoustic songs to a whole other level. More on this to follow...
Moon making the sun its bitch
So back to the shortest day, this is a good day to do some reflecting on the year that has gone by, prepare for the festive celebrations that are waiting at the door, and ponder the direction that you hope 2014 may have for you. You don't have to do any of that of course, it's up to you, and anyway, the year isn't over yet, there's still a whole week and a bit before you need to delve into such territory. I can't help but do pondering at this time, so that's what I'm writing about.
Have a very merry solstice my friends

I've just realised that this blog has been really serious, not peppered with funnies like a usual blog by my silly self, I hope I haven't alienated my audience, or possibly un-alienated my alien audience. Please if you are an alien who has been reading my blogs for the funnies, don't be too disappointed at the lack of them in this very blog, please, please don't become human because of it, it is your alien-ness that makes you special, don't un-alienate yourself, stay alienated.

Have a good day, peace be always with you, unless you don't want peace,

Peace and infinite love
Mr Jackson (Andy Jackson, [adj])

Day 21 of the blog-a-day-a-thon-a-rama

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