Saturday, 7 December 2013

Shameless self promotion - the Electronic Press Kit

Hello friends,

I am shamelessly self promoting today, I feel no shame in this, as mentioned right there in the word shamelessly. For months I worked hard on a video, and I want people to see it. I want people all around the world to see it, in the farthest reaches of the deepest caves and the peeks of great mountains where only very lonely people with amazing lung capacity can live. I want eskimos to be humming 'Otherwise' as they spear fish, I want a whole choir of penguins doing backing vocals and tapping out the beat with their little penguin feet like in that movie about penguins feet. I want exposure.


Right, so how do I go about achieving this lofty feet?

Well, here's my product.

It's pretty good, I'm proud of it for sure. But how do I get it to a larger audience?

It doesn't have any celebrities in it (apart from a cameo by Greg Kinnear) so I can't really milk it on that angle. Unless I became a celebrity overnight and then used the fact that I'm in the video to promote it. That seems like hard work, and I'm exhausted from making the damn video.

I have been forced to go the 'free trial' Electronic Press Kit way,

you can see my EPK right here

It's okay, hopefully it will generate some exposure for my particular brand of creative wibble.

Until then, I shall be posting the video to everyone I can, entering whatever competitions I uncover in between having naps and working and eating and stuff.

Also got another video something new coming soon as well :)

Peace and infinite love
Mr Jackson - (Andy Jackson, [adj])

Day 7 of the blog-a-day-a-thon

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