Sunday, 8 December 2013

When things get Freaky

Hello friends,

Day 8 of the blog-a-day-a-thon, and things are going swimmingly.

I must say, this has been the most enjoyable blogging experience so far, like training for a marathon but more typing and looking at google images then running. I'm not even a third through it and I'm already patting myself on the back for a job well done, maybe that's a rookie writing mistake, we shall see.

So today we will be pondering what is on my mind, if you wish to leave now then please by all means do, it's your life, you do what you want, I have no influence over your decisions...BUT, I do have some freaky cool pictures later in the blog for you, if you can be bothered to scroll down of course.
Does it?
As the coldness of winter wraps it's icy blanket of chilliness around us, and the days get so short that you could easily yawn and miss the sunlight for the day, thoughts become more inward and reflective. The cycles of the seasons allows for appropriate pondering of the activities gone by and the adventures soon to arrive. Before all that of course, we have Christmas to enjoy. Blogs about that to follow later in the b-a-d-a-t, for today, we shall be dealing with the freaky.

I've played several freaky games this year, ones that have made me jump, made me lose bladder control for brief moments and generally stuck in my mind. Something about the freaky, the scary, the weird, just keeps pulling me back in and fascinating me, does that make me weird?

There is an audience for the freaky stuff for sure, otherwise it wouldn't be so readily available. Time for the picture show and some ramblings...
Don't stare at the sun kids! It turns your eyes into marbles.

1. Old Marble Eyes

Sally Jenkins was a normal teenage girl having a very normal teenage experience, going to a highly average school and achieving acceptable but not outstanding grades. Sally was the most regular of all the girls, neither excelling or failing at anything. One day however, while out playing hide and seek with her younger brothers, she stumbled across a strange glowing orb in the forrest. The orb exploded in a flash of brilliant light, but poor Sally was not quick enough to cover her eyes, and they were instantly turned into black marbles. From that day on, Sally would never remove her sunglasses, for fear that her young brothers would want to play with her eyes. She died shortly after from radiation poisoning.
Better feed her quick!

2. Dog-woman of Iceland

Raised in an orphanage in a remote town in Iceland, the Dog-woman became a celebrity from a very young age, getting several acting roles in Icelandic science fiction films as well as a guest role on the Icelandic sitcom 'Stalag-nites', recurring for 3 episodes before her character got run over by a truck. Once she turned 18, Woove (that was her given name) travelled the world in a small boat, meeting General Rover Doggington on her visit to America. They married, and had three Dobermans, as well as a child of their own 'Yappie'.

Dog-woman still makes public appearances to this day, generally at high profile dog racing events. She has third degree rabies and should not be approached.

Zip it back up darling! The neighbours
will complain again.
I do enjoy a good horror film every now and then, not as often of late as in the past, but still, something that inspires that pit of the stomach dread can be healthy, shows me that my senses are still working.


So there you go, a bunch of weird freaky nonsense for you, day 8 out the way, hopefully something a bit more interesting and palatable will flow forth in the upcoming week, stay tunes to find out...

Thanks for your support, I love you dearly,

Please watch and share the Otherwise video, it means a lot to me
Peace and infinite love
Mr Jackson (Andy Jackson, [adj])

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