Monday, 16 January 2012

New Year, New Direction

Hello friends,

Happy (Belated) New Year to all, 2012, the big one for the Mayan's, the end of the age, shifting of humanity and all that jive.

This adventuring creative has been on shut down for the last month or so, hiding away back in the UK waiting for my Beauty to recover from her operation. Now it's time to look forward to what the year ahead might hold.

I have been working on a new musical project with a good friend of mine Dan Stocks aka Donny Stax, it started out as a couple of tracks but has quickly evolved into an album project. I like working on albums, last year I did an album project for the seasons, I still have to do the winter one, but that's on hold for the time being while I finnish up work with Dan. I will get back to my 4 seasons project soon.

I had some computer problems which stopped the releasing of the Autumn album. Before that happened though I did manage to release track 3, Mr. Gnome

Mr. Gnome by [adj]-Andy D Jackson

More to come, I promise :)

Peace and infinite love

Andy x