Monday, 19 August 2013

Coming soon in a big way - out of the superhuman closet

Hello friends,

I've been doing a lot of waiting recently, waiting for things to happen. I'm done with that now, I'm changing my attitude from waiting to doing. I'm going to be doing a lot of doing from now on. I think there has been some fear holding me back from my doings, fear of my dreams coming true. I have big dreams, always have had them. Even when I was a youngling darting around the playground like an ecstasy fuelled raver with ADHD (Advanced Dream Handling Device), I dreamt BIG.

(Flashback to me as a kid) - I was Magic Andrew. I had powers beyond the wildest of dreams. I could fold space, travel through time, shoot energy beams out of my hands (or plastic sword, accessories permitting of course), create anything out of nothing, read minds, read feelings, know the future and most importantly I was the master of my own universe. I had to save my brother many a time from the clutches of monsters from other dimensions (he was like a Dr. Who assistant, always in danger!). No matter the perils I would always prevail and save the day. I was a kid, it was my duty to do so.

(Flashforward to me now) - I am still Magic Andrew, but now, I have to keep my powers secret, so secret in fact that even I have forgotten about them. I no longer fold space or time travel just for my own amusement, I've given up the energy beams and matter manipulation. I still have these powers, but like any superhuman I have to keep it a secret, for the world is still not yet ready to be full of superhumans, it would most likely cause an X-Men style mega catastrophe in which humans try to wipe out superhumans before they get too supery.

Or...maybe that's the fear that holds me back. The fear of something bad happening. It's all over the internet and the news, bad stuff is happening all over the place all the time, some of it to celebrities! I don't want to come out of the superhuman closet for fear of what other humans might think, how I may be judged. But ultimately it is only me sitting in judgement of myself. Gotta hold it all back, just in case.

Well I am now saying 'screw you' to the fear, Out of the closet I jump, with my head held high and my proudest boots on. I am the master of my universe, and you are a beautiful expression of being within my universe. I am an expression within your universe too, the fact you are reading this right now makes that so. I am eternally grateful that our universes have met, that we have achieved one of the highest achievement known within this collected universe - a connection. We have a connection, and that bond propels us both into new areas of existence and coexistence. In the case of this blog it is probably only a small connection, but from small seeds come the biggest of trees. Who knows what our connection could blossom in to, one day down the line we could both be sitting either side of our very own universal tree.

If you know me personally then it is much more likely that such a connection could occur, we stand a better chance then, our connection tree is already on the way, growing, strengthening, becoming a metaphor to recon with. If you are someone that doesn't know me personally then don't worry, we have a connection too, and it is possible to grow it into something special.

There are over 7 billion universes on our very planet, at that's just the human ones, each human with their very own infinite universe of possibilities, playing out an infinite amount of scenarios and exchanges.

I appear to have gone off topic, what was it that I was writing about? Hold on, let me re-read this thing...Oh yeah, dreams.

Dreams, big dreams. My universe if full of them, and they are all coming true right now, slowly and at the right time for me to process and experience them. You get to be involved too, I can't contain it any longer. The wait is almost over.

I have a couple of new singles coming out next month, both of them will have video's to go with them. One is called 'OK Chaos' and features the stylings of Donny Stax and Truth, the other is called 'Otherwise'. They are both present on the upcoming 'How Bout That Records Mixtape' which features all the artists from our small independent record label (which is called 'How Bout That Records' for anyone who hadn't worked that out from the title of the mixtape).

That was all I came here to say really, thanks for your time, you are a beautiful expression of existence, keep it up, you are what is right with this world.

Peace and infinite love
the rambling Mr Jackson