Saturday, 2 September 2017

Phonotos filter fun times #2 - The Seaside

Ahh, the beach, wonderful place indeed. For the last 3 and a half years my beautiful wife and I have lived with the beach as our garden and a picturesque elevated view of the surrounding area as our window view.
It's pretty special 😁

I am a creative type (writerous-musicianous) and have been trying to capture the awesome nature of the massive art show that happens every day on the beach. Pictures speak a thousand words (if the text is small enough) and filters enhance them, but somehow the filter makes the picture more authentic to the actual experience of life. (no it doesn't)

There is sand on our beach, and billions of pebbles, if you want pebbles then we got 'em.

Sometimes though, the colours need a bit of teasing.

☕️☕️ (tea break)

I like purple quite a bit, it's probably my favourite colour, at least top 3.

Tinted purple the beach takes on a sweet tin kinda quality. Like a quality street kinda quality.
Nailed it!

The beach is so dynamic for getting all filter prankster on, and instagram offers some pretty sweet photo editing things on the phone app.
I use an app called Enlight which I downloadeded from the apple tree store. It's pretty darn good 😊

Just a couple more pics with filter tricks for ya.
Thanks for your precious procrastination time, it's valuable.

Peace and infinite love ❤️
Andy (Cosmic Bos)

Okay that's it.