Wednesday, 4 December 2013

How to make a decision - an idiots guide

So friends,

You have a decision to make, and let me help you make it, firstly, your quandary lies in your decision to continue to read this blog, or, close the tab and pretend you never even clicked on the link to get here.

Back to the tab you were on, or continue to read...
Congratulations on your decision to carry on, you might be an idiot though, don't take that the wrong way, but this is the idiots guide to making decisions, so...see what i'm trying to say? yeah?
Decide which instrument to inflict appropriate damage to me for calling you an idiot.
So well done again, for getting to this third bit, you have staying power, you might very well make it to the end of the blog where the true advice and assistance lies, if only you could get past all this ridiculous waffle that is clearly being used just to pad this idiotic thing out a little bit more. You will get there if you just stay the distance, that's how we learn and grow, through experience.
This picture needs no caption.
You face an almost unbearable amount of decisions every day of your living breathing existence, most of those decisions are made for you automatically, without any real interference by your conscious brain, your body does what it wants, and it doesn't want input from your stupid mind, that would only complicate things and lead to breakdown.

There are of course many decisions that your conscious mind does have to take, like to continue reading this or not. Or if you should get up and go to work today or just stay in bed and eat gelatine confectionaries while playing Angry Birds. The best way to make decisions is just to make them and watch what happens, as long as it's not a life or death decision, in which case take a decision quickly so you can stay alive.
Consult the wall of lightbulb drawings for enlightening answers

Well done, you made it to the end, you learnt nothing because there was nothing there to learn that you didn't already learn ages ago from someone else. If you weren't listening to whoever it was who gave you that advice then please pay attention to everything that you can, that's the best way to learn. No one never learned nothin' from jus sitting around reading books and shit.

Now make a decision on which link to click next, after you've watched the 'Otherwise' video of course.
Peace and infinite love
Andy Jackson

P.S - this was day 4 of the blog-a-day-a-thon (I omitted this from the beginning so more people would read more of it). That was a wise decision I feel.

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