Sunday, 15 December 2013

Optical Illusions - Brain scrambled like eggs (part 1)

Hi-low friends,

Our brains are fascinating things, capable of so much, but also very easily tricked. The sense that causes us most trickery is sight, mainly because we can only process so much of what we are seeing in any given moment, only the tiny central point of the eye is processing new information, the rest of what you see is memory projection.

Anyway, the best way to see how easily an eye is fooled is to test it out for yourself, you have eyes, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this here blog (I do not publish my blogs in braille yet).

Just look at it for a while.
The dots are all white, but your brain panics and fills them in. The one you are staring at will remain white while the others flash like a strobe. If you are prone to fits, then you probably shouldn't stare at this photo for too long.
The picture never changes, just your brain having a little panic attack.

Same man, same size
The men are all the same size, our memory of the nature of 3D is what is confusing us here, 
perspective tells us that the man on the right is further away, and there for bigger, but the drawing is tricking you.

Let Father Ted explain it.

This perspective shift is the cause of most visual confusion. When you look up at a plane flying in the sky, you have no true way of determining how far from the ground it is, unless you have extensive knowledge of it from studying it at some hootie tootie college that looks like a castle.

Once again perspective, the difference between the left and right side of the picture cause mental fumbling and spin-outty-ness.
It's a Duck attending a fancy dress party as a Rabbit.

Take the Duck and the Rabbit, both are supposedly ingredients in Cat food (if you believe the labels), but are they really just the same animal in disguise? Yes, yes they are. So next time you order Chinese take away ask for the Duck but at Rabbit prices.

The flip flopping between perspectives that your brain does when you look at a picture like this shows how easily sight is tricked. The pictures is both a Duck and a Rabbit as well as being neither of them either. It's just a drawing, don't be scared.

Old couple or young happy people, you decide.
There are many of these more complex art style optical illusions, you can find many of them on almighty Googles search engines.
This is a tough call, in a scrape I guess Wolverine would be very useful, but Batman also has his uses, and there is 2 of him...I guess, this really depends on what you need a superhero for, if I am just going to get some take away for example, then Wolverine would be better for Pizza because he could slice it for me, but Batman would be better for Tapas because he's not as fussy an eater as Wolverine... Oh I give up, I'll have 1 Batman and half a Wolverine please.
This is easy, it's clearly, it's B...hold on, A sped up then,
These have all been artistic optical illusions, there are many amazing illusions done with photography which I shall sample platter for you in part 2.

Remember how easily your sight has been tricked when dealing with everyday life, for it is harder to trust what you see when most of it is just memory. More illusions to follow...

Peace and infinite love
Mr Jackson (Andy Jackson, [adj])

P.S - this was day 15 of the blog-a-day-a-thon, still love you xxx

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