Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday the 13th - down the scary hole we go

Hello fiends,

Fear is a powerful tool, it serves great purpose in the fight or flight nature of existence, without it we would probably kill ourselves through stupidity much quicker then we currently do with fear existing. Superstition on the other hand, that's pretty pointless now, it's kind of like a giant centuries long game of Chinese whispers, where so much real information has been glossed over or replaced completely by weird mis-interpretations or straight up fabrications.

With that in mind, I present to you a selection of scary whispers plucked from the ether. Enjoy...

Black Eyed Children listen to Black Eyed Peas,
This alone makes them very scary.

Innocent enough on the surface, seemingly normal children, sometimes wearing outdated clothing, with no pupils in their eyes, just pure blackness, have been appearing the world over.

Reports of these strange occurrences surface on the internet from time to time, but they always end with the contactee turning the children away rather then letting them do what they seemingly want to do.

There has been sightings of these black eyes peas since the 90's, and they tend to follow a pattern. Usually in the dark, wearing black hoodies, these kids approach houses and ask to come in to use the phone or have some water or something else to get the occupant of the house to let them in. The reports you can find on the internet are all from people that have not invited them in.

This girl seems to have read some stuff about them, so listen to her explain it.
Once these demons are let into your house, they will swallow your don't let them in.

Now this could all just be a trick that kids are playing these days, since it is possible to buy contact lenses that make your whole eye black, so it can still be classed as creepy, but it's not completely unexplainable. Maybe they are demons or aliens, I don't know.

Extreme dentistry is becoming more and more popular.


Many a human male has spent many an hour pondering the possibilities of a zombie outbreak. There are several training simulations for such an occurrence, and many established do's and don't do's to the scenario.

Zombies from space is something much scarier then just plain old home grown ones. Zombies from space would most likely be alien in origin, unless there was some kind of secret human Earth evacuation program back in the 60's that sent humans off world at the brink of their deaths in order to test the theory that humans near death turn into zombies if exposed to the vacuum of space. If this secret experiment took place, and if it was successful, then we should be planning for an invasion by human space zombies right now. In fact, it's probably happening right this second while you are reading this. We must fight back to protect our planet from these damn space zombies.

Happy Friday the 13th guys, please don't watch any of those dreadful Friday the 13th movies, not because they will scare you, but because they are outdated and laughable.

Peace and infinite love
Mr Jackson (Andy Jackson, [adj])

Day 13 of the blog-a-day-a-thon

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