Monday, 9 December 2013

The day we found Jesus just chilling on the internet, was a good day

Hello friends,

Day 9 of the blog-a-day-a-thon-thing,

I wish to recall an enlightening moment in my life, it had a profound effect on me and changed my very attitude to life itself. I saw Jesus.
 Did you see him? Did it transform you like it did the monkeys, and me?

Wow, what a rush, being transformed like that just by seeing a beardy man on a computer screen, truly amazing stuff. The first time I saw him, I had this unstoppable urge to rip my clothes from my body and run up and down the street screaming and shouting for someone to bring me fish and wine to rub all over myself. I was let off with a warning, as no one had seen my wang, and my fish rubbing antics only offended a handful of fishermen who were really just jealous that they didn't have the guts to strip naked and rub themselves with fish. A liberating experience was had by all.

These monkeys were onto something, something big, something worth watching a bit of until I got bored and searched for cute cats instead. What I found shocked me...

They encountered aliens as well, really real aliens! Just chilling on chatroulette talking to monkeys, amazing. I always knew that aliens were communicating with Earth in some way or another, they have to be, I mean come on!

There are so many more monkey based adventures that Jethro and Jeffrey have been on that it would be impossible to put them all here in this simple country blog. So you can check out further exploits with the complete series,

Series 1 :
Series 2 :

There is a third set of adventures that they went on as well, but you can find them yourselves if you are really interested.

Thanks for being alive,

Peace and infinite love
Andy Jackson

Mr Jackson (Andy Jackson, [adj])

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