Monday, 2 December 2013

The ballad of Judy Cator - daytime wanderings

Day 2 of the blog-a-day-a-thon,

I spent much of today thinking about what I was doing that could be considered blog worthy...None of my actual daily work activities warrant more then this brief mention, I mean, who would want to read about form processing and general problem solving with computers! I sure don't, so why should I expect anyone else to want to read about it? I shouldn't expect that, it is wrong of me and I am deeply sorry if my mere mentioning of boring routine daily work tasks has caused you any distress, if you send me a message I will get a team of monkey doctors to fly to your current location and give you the finest massage you have ever had, just to lower your distress levels.
I searched for Judy Cator,
I got Judy Garland

No, no one wants to read about the routine stuff, I get it, so what other stuff was I involved in that could possibly be of bloggable worth? Well, we sung some 'Little Shop of Horrors' songs, mainly 'Suddenly Seymour', coz that's the best one. I had an amusing name come up, J Cator! I prayed that it would be Judy, so her full name would be Judy Cator, as in judicator, but it wasn't, it was some other name beginning with J, probably some boring man name like John or James, neither of which make an amusing full name like their sister or wife Judy.

A creatives brain is not best served in a stifling environment, it tends to bounce around at weird times, leading to such incidents as the J Cator one. In one of these brain bubble moments, I invented a whole new range of perfumes for people that have given up smoking, but still enjoy the smell of cigarette smoke on their clothes and skin, it's called 'Fagbreeze', and comes in many different strengths and sizes. (Fag is slang for Cigarette in the UK, I am not referring to a scent for the gay community).There is a handy travel 'Fagbreeze' that fits neatly in your pocket, no bigger then a packet of cigarettes. Just take out the individual stick, light the end and wave it all around your body (be careful not the burn yourself). There is also family size Fagbreeze, which is perfect for curtains and other upholstery. I will take it to Dragon's Den once I've got the label design finished.

So I searched for Judy Cator on google, turns out there are people that exist with that name (big shout out to all the Judy Cators of the world), but google images failed to supply me with any juicy Judy pictures, it was mainly Judy Garland, except for this one picture of a robot.

Right honourable Judy Cator 5000
presiding over the trial of the Century.
The case of Donut vs
Disposable Coffee Cup
Now maybe this robot is the judicator for the dispute happening here between the donut and the coffee cup, perhaps the fact that they are both of a disposable nature is making them bicker, I don't know the ins and outs of it, I wasn't there. Judging by the picture though, the robot has stepped in to stop the fighting, probably hearing both sides of the argument before passing deliberation on the current situation, he looks like a very clever robot, with a large brain cavity, very cable of being the Judy Cator for this occasion. I imagine that the person taking the photo of this moment may be responsible for the state of the donut and the coffee, but since they don't seem to be the one on trial here, they are getting away with it. It is in fact the perfect crime.

If you are ever in serious trouble, pray that Judy Cator the robotic judicator from the future is presiding over the trial, honourably. You can't get better judication then the Judy Cator 5000.

Okay, I'm out of silly juice now, need some nourishing sleep to top me up.

Peace and infinite love
Andy Jackson

P.S - now please watch the 'Otherwise' video and share it with all your friends, love you xxxxx

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