Thursday, 12 December 2013

Reverberating throughout the nation - Getting some Pro on

Hello superstars,

I have been using reverbnation for a while now, a couple of years or so. I've been up and down the Brighton Singer/Songwriter charts since I started. It's an addiction I kind of have under control. I don't always need a fix of sweet sweet reverbnation crack, but when I have a hit it is always rewarding.

Check out my profile right here on this link here :

I'm currently number 5 in the charts, hoping to climb. It's a nice moral boost, because, let's face it, I ain't really anywhere in the charts, just on this website. Here are the songs that are available on my reverbnation.

So running an ad campaign through reverbnation, check it out here

Hoping that will drive some more attention towards the video we spent ages making. You can watch it right here underneath because I've put it there for you to be able to do that should you want to do that.
I feel a bit stuck in self promotion land, and this blog was meant to be an escape from it, but instead it's just become another tool to do the promotion. I will return to random silly musings tomorrow. Love you.

Peace and infinite love
Mr Jackson (Andy Jackson, [adj])

P.S - this was day 12 of the blog-a-day-a-thon
More like forgot to blog...oh well.

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