Saturday, 30 November 2013

'Otherwise' - Mr Jackson (Animated music video)

Hello friends,

Here it is, after months of teasing you about it, a fully animated video for the song 'Otherwise'

Credit where credit is due, I didn't make this on my own. As the last frame shows, I had lots of help from Abi and Mel. The aim of the video had been to make a scrapbook that appeared bit by bit, and I feel we achieved that. So taking on the role of teacher for a moment, I think that this work is deserving of full marks and a cupcake. Please collect your cupcake on your way out.

Please share the video with your friends and acquaintances on the old facebook, or in real life. You can even tell your enemies if you like.
Here is the video share link -

To celebrate the video being finished and release, Otherwise has been packaged with a B-side on bandcamp and is completely free to download. You can check that out by clicking this link

Tomorrow starts my December blog a day-a-thon, so check back for some heavy duty creative silliness.

Love you
Save the badgers, they know more about things then we do

Peace and infinite love

Andy Jackson (Mr Jackson, [adj])

The single cover

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