Saturday, 27 July 2013

In the pipelines...

Hello friends,

It has been quite a while since I blogged, and I have my reasons, many varied reasons. The main one of these varied reasons in that I haven't got anything new to share with you, and I am not one for blogging for the sake of it. I usually have a new video, or song, or something, that I can embed in the blog to make it an interactive experience of some kind, but right now, all my new creative materials are 'in the pipeline'.

The pipeline is this magical creative place where adventuring creatives such as myself like to construct material. I don't know why we do it in a pipe, I guess it has good acoustics and a steady supply of caffeinated beverages. It's also a really big pipe, so that my friends and I can all fit in there with our instruments and what not. So, right now, I am in the big old creative pipe doing creative like things.

There is also room in the pipe for practicing. I have been doing lots of that too. I could be gigging or performing somewhere to some audience or other, but instead I am in the pipe practicing. There are gigs coming up, for one thing, I shall be performing at the One World festival in Reading on the 13th of August, as well as DJ'ing and ting and stuff and all thatness.

In this pipe I am also working on an album with my good friend Ashley 'Cito' Carter from DGAFM. It's based around the folk style songs I wrote whilst travelling around the Netherlands back in 2011, plus there are a handful of new songs in there as well. Can't wait to share that with the world. It will be a proper proper album for sure, with loads of musicality all over it's face. Watch this blogging space for further updates as the process continues.

Things have been pretty draining of the last few months, this being "alive" malarky can get quite tiresome after a while. I have been working since the beginning of the year, and it should have come to an end by now, but instead it has been extended into the foreseeable future. I am just praying to any entity that will listen now, I need out of this and on the road to success please, sooner rather then later.

The How Bout That Records Mixtape is scheduled for a September release, and I have a couple of solo tunes of that beast, as well as some sweet collaborations with the likes of Mr Donny Stax & Mr Truth, watch this space for more info on that too...

Here's Truths now video...check it out, it's awesomeness :)

Peace and infinite love

Mr Jackson