Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Funniest pictures on the internet - Google says so!

So friends,

We now live our lives by the almighty Google, it is our brain now, and we must learn to trust it's judgement and what it wants to show us when we search it's vast collective database of knowledge. I have to construct a quick blog today, because I am off out, so I thought, why not just share some funny pictures, there are loads of funny pictures on the internet!

So almighty Google was summoned, and 'funniest pictures' was entered into the holy search engine of dreams. Lots of pictures came up (as was foretold in the days of old), many of them causing a chuckle or two, not so many of them actually caused a literal lol, but a few of them did cause giggles. So I present to you a collection of Googles funniest pictures...

Okay, so this is a well known meme, nothing new here,
But it is funny.
 Funniest pictures to Google clearly means, memes. I guess they are pretty funny, how about another...

Nice, a 'your mum' joke, but also, empowering words for kids. If this was reality however, that kid would get smacked about so hard for using that line.

 Drug humour, always popular.

This picture is more cute then funny.

That's not funny, that's scary.

Simple, and funny.

This is probably the beginning of a thousand funny stories.

I wish these guys had been the real A Team, it would have been even better.

Now wasn't that fun? I hope so, lazy copyright law breaking blog complete, now I'm off out.

Peace and infinite love
Andy Jackson (Mr Jackson, [adj])

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