Monday, 16 April 2018

Half a Mind (instrumental)

Hello Cosmic friend,

How's it going? Chaos! Na, you must be imagining it.

If you have a spare 6 and a half minutes, why not have a soothing relax to this little piano tune

It is the musical bed to a song I made late last year, I slapped a whole load of Beatrice Sugarman clips from Bojack Horseman (Netflix) on it, it felt appropriate. You can hear that here too if you like - it's on another part of this blog under 'Half a Mind' ( does have instruments and some extra Horsin' Around to boot).

So, yeah, there you go, that's it, blog over, please return to your respective business, have a good day and night, and while you're at it, have a good week, stuff it, in for a penny in for a pound, have a good year, have a fantastic year, the best year of your whole damn life, have it this year, do it!

Peace and infinite love
Cosmic Bos x

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Good Janet from The Good Place Musical Tribute - by Cosmic Bos

Hi There!

How can I help?

I'm Cosmic Bos's Blog, I am a text vessel of knowledge built to make your life easier. You may be asking yourself, "What the fork is this load of bullshirt?" and this would be a valid question, one that I shall answer in visual/audio form right here with this embedded video I made.

So, Janet! My favourite character on TV, required a musical tribute, a cactus of her very own. Darcy Carden acts the shirt out of this amazing character. If you haven't seen the show 'The Good Place' (of which there are now two full seasons) then all this Janet love might seem a little odd, go watch the show and you will understand the hype!

TV is pretty pointless these days, but there are a handful of amazingly crafted pieces of televisual art that should be viewed, and The Good Place is one such piece of art. Both seasons so far have been exceptional, having a plot that actually moves forward all the while posing interesting existential moral questions and not chickening out of actual exploration of these concepts. I love it, and Janet is the best.

if you don't like videos (for whatever reason, who am I to judge you?) but you do like to listen to things with your ears, then here is the audio only version as made embeddable by the good robots over at soundcloud. I should warn you now though, this is exactly the same song as the video above, so if you have watched aforementioned video then you are not required to listen to the soundcloud version (unless you are a blog completionist in which case, go right ahead).


Cosmic Bos

Saturday, 3 February 2018

What I watched on Netflix (UK) January 2018

Hello friends,

I'm keeping this log more for future me, so I can jog the old brain regarding the awesome things I did see (probably on Netflix), in January, in 2018. Here it is!

BLACK MIRROR (Season 4), Netflix

This did come out right at the end of 2017, but I didn't watch it till '18.
Solid season, 6 great new stories, with Hang the DJ being the stand out episode (10 outta 10 on imdb from me), also USS Callister was excellently done and gave a nice new spin on the space adventure. Any chance to watch new dystopian ideas from the mind of Charlie Brooker and I am there ready to feel the existential dread, yes yes yes.
IMDB rating: 8.9
My Rating: 8

LOVESICK (Season 3), Netflix

Gosh darn it this was great. I was a big fan of the first two series, and this third one doesn't disappoint. There is much more focus on Angus this time round (him becoming one of the main characters really) and Luke takes centre stage for more of the season as well.
Stand out episode was probably the final one, the university reunion, as well as the Evie hen do episode, in fact, they were all stand out, it was great, I love it and am now sad that i'll have to wait at least another year for another season of it. Top notch Netflix based entertainment.
IMDB rating: 8.1
My Rating: 9

THE GOOD PLACE (Seasons 1 & 2), Netflix

One of the best shows ever in the history of everness. Janet is my favourite.
IMDB rating: 7.9
My Rating: 9


Love this series, it has that Douglas Adam's charm at it's core, and like Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy before it, you get to feel smart as an viewer for paying attention. A great set of interesting characters, some fantastic performances (not all of them quite so fantastic though, but I'm nice so I won't single out any one person as being a weaker link, you can watch it and decide that yourself). The second season, like the first, has an arch of it's own, and you really have to pay attention otherwise you can get lost as a viewer very quickly. For one episode we had to go back and speed skip through the previous episode to get a grip on what was going on. Fun, fun stuff.
IMDB rating: 8.4
My Rating: 8

DISJOINTED (Season 1 part 2), Netflix

This Kathy Bates lead comedy set in a cannabis dispensary in California is very hit and miss, and way more miss than hit. Still, it has moments were it becomes something of it's own, with Dank and Dabby being the stand outs. It's Bates herself that loses out most, with her character never really feeling essential. I love the animation sections they have in each episode, but these didn't always feel as well placed in this second half of the season as they were in first half. The laughter track underneath is ridiculous and only highlights which jokes aren't hitting the mark. Considering this is a topic that could be dealt with much deeper and smarter it's a shame this show goes for the cheap stoner comedy angle and misses out on examining the effects on a population of the lifting of a long standing ban on a plant that grows in the ground and serves a thousand purposes (ALL of them positive). Oh well, I am probably being a bit too harsh there on what is really just the first season of a show, it needs time to grow and bud, and we did manage to watch the whole of it so it did have something working right.

IMDB rating: 6.6
My Rating: 5

BROOKLYN NINE NINE (Season 4), Netflix (well, we watched it on there)

Another season of the cop comedy show from the creative mind of Michael Schur, this season was fun, had a few stand out episodes, most noticeably the Terry being arrested for being Black episode (that was some powerful stuff right there, GO TERRY & CAPTAIN HOLT!) and I really like Ken Marino as Captain Stentley (Ken was also in Disjointed, popping up everywhere this guy!). I do feel sometimes that B99 slows it's pace to stretch stuff out over a season, where say 'The Good Place' keeps it's story really tight by only having 12 or 13 episodes, B99 goes to 22 episodes and felt a little unfocused at times. It's still a great show and I will be back for season 5 when Netflix puts it up.
IMDB rating: 8.3
My Rating: 7

FARGO (Season 3), Netflix

Oh you bettcha, another season on the TV show based in the same world as the Coen brothers 1996 film of the same name, Season 3 takes place in 2010 and focuses around two brothers (both played by Ewen McGregor), and it is awesome. A bit slower to get going then the previous two seasons, but still it packs a hell of a punch and is a worthy addition to the Fargo good name. Top quality television through and through, oh yah.
IMDB rating: 9.0
My Rating: 9


We watched the first of the two Dave Chappelle comedy specials too, this was masterful stand up from a true legend of the craft. Dave is a very funny and very clever man, worth spending the time with for a giggle and a think.
IMDB rating: 8.4
My Rating: 8

As you can see, not many low rated things here (except Disjointed). I try to only watch the things I think I will really enjoy, and as you can see, I enjoyed all the things I watched in January. My beautiful wife has been watching Friends quite a bit, since they put it up on Netflix (and I have sat through a fair few episodes myself). This might seem like quite a lot of watching, several hours every week for sure, but we don't have a TV, and only watch these things on a projector or a laptop, and we go outside sometimes to see the World, it's really nice, the World.
IMDB rating: ?
My Rating: 10 (the World rules!)

Peace and love

Andy (Cosmic Bos)

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Bojack Horseman Musical Mash-up {Full mix} by Cosmic Bos

Hello Horsefans,

I am pleased to present to you the full 45 minutes of my Bojack Horseman musical mash-up, it's all here, from Bojack fighting over muffins to Todd flying around on his drone throne (You can't call it a drone if you're riding on it!), with the last 10 minutes of it being harrowing and existential, just like the show itself so often is. {SPOILER WARNINGS for Season 4 in Half a Mind (mainly)}

So here we go...

Full track listing:
1. Blame it on the Horseman (Season 1)
2. Hollywoo Stars & Celebrities, What Do They Know? Do They Know Things? Let's Find Out! (Season 2)
3. Hooray! (Seasons 1 & 2)
4. A Mr. Peanutbutter Romp (Seasons 1, 2 & 3)
5. Smooches (Season 4)
6. Diane Nguyen's Hot Topic no.1: Hanky Panky (Season 2)
7. Vincent Adultman Did a Business (Season 1)
8. Hooray! 2: Smoodies (Seasons 1 & 4)
9. Half a Mind (Season 4)
10. Bojacked the Wrong Horse, Man (Seasons 3 & 4)
11. Hooray! 3: Outro (Season 1)

Music made using MusicMakerJam app on the iPhone, it was all made sitting on the beach contemplating Bojack Horseman season 4, and started as just some pieces of music.
Bojack Horseman clips taken from Bojack Horseman (2014-present), Netflix. I do not own the rights to any of the clips and have made this as a fan tribute to the best show on Netflix.

Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris,  Alison Brie, Paul F Tompkins, Aaron Paul, Wendie Malick, Kristen Schaal, Raphael Bob-Waksberg, Lisa Hanawalt and the whole Bojack Horseman team, you guys are amazing, please keep doing the good horse work, thanks. And Netflix, you guys rule, keep funding the good work.

Bojack Horseman has been my favourite Netflix show for several years now, and since I don't watch normal television (I truly can't stand the adverts, they make my brain sick) and my media consumption consists primarily of Netflix with a side order of YouTube, Bojack Horseman is my favourite show period. I love other Netflix shows too, big shout outs to Master of None, Black Mirror, Lovesick, Dirk Gently, The Good Place and many others (which I can't be bothered to check right now) but it's that depressed Horse Man that inspired me to make a tribute.

I am a serious musician (Am I? Really? Sure about that!) and have been trying to get my music heard by peoples of the world for the last 20 years, back in the 90's I was a teenager in literal garage bands making crappy angsty rock, I made scratchy demo's of songs on a little tape recorder. I had a song called 'Transvestite Chickens World Takeover Bid', it was about some chickens on a farm, in suspenders, stealing nuclear weapons and holding the world to ransom. 20 years later, the most viewed musical work I have ever done has Chickens being rescued from a farm being run by other Chickens. Overthinking things much?

The Bojack songary here endeth. Thank you for your time, now onto pastures new, coming up next: something else.

Peace and infinite love

Cosmic Bos

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Bojacked the Wrong Horse, Man (musical mash-up) by Cosmic Bos

So Horsefans,

This is the last of my musical visits to the stables of Bojack Horseman. I love the show, truly do, it's my favourite Netflix show (and I watch a LOT of Netflix shows).

Without further ado, here is Bojacked the Wrong Horse, Man - by Cosmic Bos
Bojacked the Wrong Horse, Man - by Cosmic Bos
Music made using MusicMakerJam app on an iPhone,
Bojack Horseman clips taken from Bojack Horseman (2014-present), Netflix. This is a musical tribute to the awesomeness of Bojack Horseman, I do not own the rights to it and have made this to show my appreciation for such a fantastically crafted piece of modern TV art.
This is the last of my Bojack Horseman mixes (I promise), there will be a video with the whole lot of them put together, but apart from that, Bojack is done for now. Coming soon, something else.

Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris,  Alison Brie, Paul F Tompkins, Aaron Paul, Wendie Malick, Kristen Schaal, Raphael Bob-Waksberg, Lisa Hanawalt and the whole Bojack Horseman team, you guys are amazing, please keep doing the good horse work, thanks, can't wait for Season 5 (Excited much?!)

Have a lovely day just horsing around.

Peace and infinite love
Cosmic Bos xx

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Half a Mind (Beatrice Horseman musical tribute) by Cosmic Bos SEASON 4 SPOILERS!

So friends,

Beatrice Horseman (Sugarman) was the main focus of the best episode of the best season of the best show on Netflix - Bojack Horseman Season 4 Episode 11: 'Time's Arrow' written by Kate Purdy, directed by Aaron Long.

If you haven't seen it, then you should go see it, in order, as context is part of what makes it such a stunning half hour of television.

Here is my musical tribute to this wonderful episode, Half a Mind by Cosmic Bos. SPOILER WARNING! (I put the final scene from the episode in the song, so if you haven't seen it, it kinda spoils it, you have been warned)

I have made a few of these musical tributes now to Bojack Horseman, the show is so rich in funny, thoughtful, insightful clips that it has been very easy. When I set out to make 'Half a Mind' I felt a sense of importance to get it right, as 'Time's Arrow' is such a masterpiece it needs to be celebrated and held up as such. While other shows give us the same stuff time and again, Bojack Horseman bothers to go deep, and Katy Purdy has written many of the best episodes.

Beatrice Horseman suffers from Dementia, something that is all too common in this world of ours, and by spending just half an hour in her mind we get a slither of understanding, a glimpse at a life that was both full of promise and doomed from the very start. It is heartbreaking, and wise, and perfectly explains why she treated Bojack the way she did, it doesn't excuse her behaviour, but it does explain it. Wendie Malick gives such a nuanced performance that she deserves awards. Sadly I don't think this episode has been nominated for anything, which is a mistake.

I want more people to watch it, to experience it's utter brilliance, I am giving 'Times' Arrow' my Golden Horseshoe award for best TV of 2017. Hooray! At least it won something.

So yeah, that's it.

Peace and infinite hugs,
Cosmic Bos

Friday, 5 January 2018

Hooray! 2: Smoodies (Bojack Horseman musical remix) by Cosmic Bos

Happy new sun cycle,

tis 2018 at last, Hooray! We made it.

Pat yourself on the back (if you have trouble reaching your back use a magazine or newspaper to do the actual patting).

So the first Cosmic Bos release of '18 is another Bojack Horseman musical remix, and it's about Todd Chavez because he is awesome and needs to have more songs with him in. This is kind of like a sequel song to Hooray! (which you can find on this blog way back in the heady past of 2017).

So Todd Chavez (Aaron Paul), now he is amazing, but you probably already knew that. And Paul F. Tompkins, (Mr. Peanutbutter) is also fantastic. Bojack Horseman has an amazing cast, one of the best currently voicing animation. If you couldn't tell, I'm quite a big fan.

Not much else to say here, come back soon however as there is plenty more stuff on the Bos plate to be served up (please provide your own alcohol)

Peace and infinite Hoorays,

Cosmic Bos