Monday, 30 December 2013

A moment before disaster strikes

Hello friends,

We are but a nats wing away from the final moments of 2013, you can smell the new year in the air, it is eager to get here and embrace us with it's many kilos of pure crazy. I'm excited about it, don't know about you, but it will be a good feeling to have completed this year. Tomorrow there will be a year exam, today is the penultimate day so we need to do something more penultimatey and fun.

Sometimes pictures get taken at the exact right moment, just before something disastrous happens, here are a few of these pictures (all found on the almighty Google)
The cameraman clearly distracted this poor victim so her calm face could be caught
blissfully unaware of the watery experience it was about to engage in. Good times.


It was a warm day, I'm sure these people were about to really enjoy their soaking.

The ultimate belly-flop

I don't even know how this happened.

"Jerry, you are sure you put the explosives on the right bits yeah?"

More watery fun

"Hi, do you have some sugar I could borrow?"
There you have it, some picture based lazy blogging fun. This is the 30th day of my blog-a-day-a-thon and tomorrow will be the last, I am returning to regular sporadic blogging as and when I feel like it, rather then this ridiculous once a day malarky I have been engaged in through December. See you tomorrow :)

Peace and infinite love
Mr Jackson (Andy Jackson, [adj])

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