Friday, 28 September 2012

Busking this week? Weather says 'NO'

Hello friends,

What a beautiful existence we get to enjoy here on planet Earth, it might be a low level, sometimes thick as week old porridge, struggle at times, but it sure does beat not existing at all.

So a quick hooray for existing, and now we can move on to the bulk of this here blog. As an adventuring creative type such as I am, I like to do some adventuring from time to time, in-between bouts of intense creativitude. The summer had some lovely adventuring, but this week, the weather has turned which has put quite a crimper on my busking exploits.

Me busking (with a fully strung guitar)
Busking is good fun, sometimes it can be tough, sometimes it flows in ways you wouldn't expect. People like to talk to buskers, sometimes to give a friendly 'Nice One', sometimes to give advice on how to not sound so terrible and sometimes just some good old fashion jibberish direct from planet crazy. One woman once came up to me and told me I needed strings on my guitar if I wanted to make anyone happy (my guitar obviously had strings already!), she then offered to show me how to play, trying to snatch my guitar off of me. When I refused the impromptu lessons on the instrument I've played for 15 years from a woman with leaves in her hair and at least one dodgy eye, the woman proceeded to shout at the top of her voice "Don't give this man any money, he hasn't got any strings".

Well, I couldn't busk this week, because it has rained every single day. The rain has varied in size, from super mega power shower, to marble sized hailstones, to that ninja rain that you aren't sure if it's actually raining or not and the only give away is how damp your face is. This has been a lovely long week of rain punctured with small bursts of the sun peeking through and saying 'Remember Me?'.

I remember you Sun, and I hope you will be out to play again soon.

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

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