Friday, 28 September 2012

'Separately' - Together we do better

Hello friendlies,

Straight off the metaphorical bat, here is the song 'Separately' by Donny Stax & [adj], lovingly encoded for the internet by soundcloud angels.
You can continue to read this while the song is playing, so don't be shy, press the little play button above right now if you haven't already done so. I know you might be eager to rush ahead on this here blog and skim read the waffly bits to get to the golden nuggets of information, but you can still have a little listen at the same time. This kind of 'reading' and 'listening' exercise stimulates parts of your brain that are usually out having lunch with other unused parts of your body.

So 'Separately', well, what can I say about this song that hasn't already been said a million times before? Lots and lots, because not many people have heard it and I've never said anything about it here in this blog. This is our best shot at a big chart single in my opinion, so we need to get it some exposure.

This song needs to be taken to a park and forced to stroll around in a trench coat, flashing innocent passers-by and inquisitive dogs. It needs to be rolled up and spitballed into little girls hair. It needs to be injected directly into the temples of all major religions while being consumed in liquid form by the obedient servants of Atheism. It needs to be placed in the inside of every ear in every country on every planet in every universe ever discovered. I will not rest until this task has been completed, I shall remain at my post diligently until everyone has heard it, I shall not be broken by any distractions...or...hmm, what's that on my finger? I need to sleep.

This song that you should still be listening to, unless you are a really slow reader or didn't press play, has been played many times by my good friend Benjamin Stubbs on redshiftradio. Ben even made it his record of the week a couple of weeks ago. Winning!

'Separately' has been nominated for a total of 0 awards and it has so far won everything it has been nominated for, which is quite an achievement for a song by unknown artists. Please vote for 'Separately' in the upcoming imaginary awards in my brain, there are still some seats available if you would like to attend the main event, just write your name on a sponge and i'll get back to you.

You can buy a copy of it along with it's summer album brothers and sisters from,

When you hear this song at lunchtime on the radio in the future, think back to this time of listening to it while reading the stupid ramblings of an adventuring creative, it will help create an infinite timeloop with you in the centre of it, this song as the backing track, and the memory cemented in the mysteries of time itself. Well done, you have progressed to the next level of existence and are entitled to pick any item from the table that you desire to take on your next adventure.

Now spread the word....err......hmm....let's see...ummm........err....ok, got it, now spread the word 'Goatfiddle' to everyone you encounter who is carrying a goat under their right arm. Good luck

Peace and infinite love
[adj] - Andy D Jackson

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