Friday, 2 November 2012

Swimming With Robots - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 2

Sounds for Drowning Robots part 2 - 'Swimming With Robots'

All the awakened robot pieces flashed and blipped and blinked and glowed. The bottom of the ocean was a wash with glowing colourful life, like multicoloured stars in a thick space soup. Plinking and plonking, blipping and blopping, twinkling and blinkering.

The lead robot, with it's eyes bobbing on the surface, began to push it's body through the water. Two small propellers peeked out from behind rusted metal coverings, and they began to spin with as much force as they did on the day they were built. The battered and broken body began to zoom through the water, with the trailing eyes still connected by the fine leads and wires. The fish followed, entranced by the sounds of the robot, all the different fish of the sea, swimming in harmony to the melodies of the forgotten man made servants.

The song of the robots blasted out across the oceans, vibrating through the very core of the Earth, hitting ever last sea bed and activating any lost robot part in every last crack of water on the planet. The drowning metal companions of old sparked into life once more, surging with new found energy given directly by the robots song. From space the satellites of the world saw the oceans all glowing with flickering lights of all the colours of the visible spectrum. It was a light show like no other, and it was attended by alien life from all over the galaxy.

Back in the Atlantic ocean, where the source of the song was bounding towards land as fast as it could, the weather was changing. From what had been a calm quiet day of gentle sea swaying was building up the brewings of a mega storm, fuelled by the power of the robots of old. The sky swirled around, drawing more water from the sea, building to epic proportions. This storm followed the lead robot, heading towards land.

The broken and discarded pieces of robots under the ocean began to be drawn along in the wake of the lead robot. Sucked up into the flowing ocean and dragged closer and closer to the source of the hypnotic sound. As arms, and legs, and broken heads began connecting up with rusted body parts, and linking cables and wires, the collected mass of robot parts was merging to create something new, something that was greater then the sum of it's parts. A giant robot was being built piece by discarded piece, sucking up all of the metal and man made waste.

It would not be long until the lead robot reached land...

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