Sunday, 11 November 2012

ET in the Sun - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 3

ET in the Sun - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 3

The human population of planet Earth had been unaware of the goings on under the oceans, the robot uprising that was heading to land had not been picked up by any ships at sea or satellites orbiting, well, that's not strictly true, it had been noticed by both of these things, but it had been brushed off as a natural phenomenon causing disruption to the weather patterns. Ships out to sea where the lead robot was had been distracted by the swirling winds and raging showers, battling the elements was their aim, not stopping the collection of discarded robot pieces underneath them.

Orbiting the planet, several alien craft had taken notice of the shiftings under the oceans and were frantically making plans to extract their undercover agents from the surface.

On a sunny beach in Mexico one particular ET was making the most of the glorious day. It's grey pale skin glistened in the sun while it sat on a very unfashionable towel just a bit too close to the lapping sea. Half of the towel was soaking wet, and with each ripple from the tide a few more inches turned from towel to flannel. Where the ET was placed had been just fine a few hours ago, when the tide was as far out as it could be, but the ET had failed to notice all the other beach dwellers moving back up the beach as the water slowly came closer and closer. The ET didn't care, it was having a great day, getting to mingle with the locals, have some traditional human replenishment cubes (food), consume intoxicant liquids while watching human children build grand abodes in the sand. The ET questioned their workmanship, noticing several flaws in the design but most importantly their chosen location. On It's planet they never built houses on the sand, it was something they had all been taught at a very young age while at alien school.

The call came in but wasn't heard. The ET had left all it's alien gear back at the underground hotel base. Today was a special day, it was a day off. The ET had been working solidly for the last fourteen cycles of the sun, translating complex alien code into simple strings of binary so it could be sold to the highest bidding government (which was currently the Chinese). The ET had originally taken the job thinking that it would be done from home, it hadn't noticed one of the sub clauses stating that the first 50 years of the contract had to be served on one of the "backwards" planets, and it had doubly failed to check the cut off date for the right to appeal the given location. The ET had not even opened the message that showed it had been assigned to Earth, let alone all the appeal messages.

The ET had managed to wangle the day off using special telepathic powers that were common on it's world, but not common on Earth. All of it's coworkers had been sneaking off for toilet breaks in between translations, but ET couldn't do that as it had no need of a toilet. On it's planet they had no sex, all the ET's were grown in special pods, there were no males or females. This meant that for our poor ET it could never become romantically involved with a coworker as it had nothing to stick in and no hole to have anything stuck in.

Sat in the scorching sun, the ET let it's overworked mind drift off in the explosive colours... unaware of the danger it was in...

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