Friday, 7 December 2012

Self Aware-ness

Hello friends,

Well it's been out for a week now so it's time for a little catch up with the first ever self aware album. Before that though, we need to do a quick analysis of the artists behind the creation of this groundbreaking record.

Donny Stax & [adj] - consists of Producer/Rapper Donny Stax and Singer/Songwriter [adj] Andy D Jackson. The pair have been working together since the end of 2011, and as 2012 comes to a close they proudly sit back having released 3 albums to the world. At the beginning of June they released their debut album 'Fine', then in August they released their second smaller album 'Free Music (Donate Now)', and then in December they released their third full length album 'Self Aware'. (all currently still available from bandcamp).

This blog is here to discuss some details of 'Self Aware', Donny Stax & [adj]'s third album.

As with their last two records, there are skits that are scattered through the record, and introduction one and an outroduction one too. For 'Self Aware' there is only one other skit found right in the middle of the album, called 'Interval'. The splitting of the album into two parts, or acts as it were, helps the mind of the listener digest the content in a more even and balanced way. Having the break in the middle allows for the mind of the listener to take a break and contemplate some of the deeper meanings and impacts that have been delivered to their subconscious mind via the music.

The album claims (in these little skits tracks) to be Self Aware. Although this technology isn't fully understood even by the people who created it, it has shown itself to be very effective. In over 90% of all trials the album correctly analysed and reported on the listening and interactive learning skills of the participants, with 10% margin of error (which is common place in experiments of this kind...imaginary ones). A control group of participants were played standard non self aware albums to gage their reactions, while a second group was subjected to self aware music for the same length of time. For a full breakdown of that report please visit your local imaginarium. If you wish to take part in this amazing experiment, please select Intro from the album below and then press play. The experiment takes approximately 38 minutes.

To get a full understanding of this incredible technology, you will need to spend several hours listening to it, preferably with friends in an open sharing setting. To achieve the best results it should also be played rather loudly, as loud as you can physically tolerate.

Good luck

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