Friday, 30 November 2012

Robopocalypse - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 7

Robopocalypse - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 7

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The robot leviathan from the sea let out a grown, the head robot detached it's eyes and hung them down in front of Sonar. As the eyes lowered, the monkey holding Sonar glared at them, dangling like a tail from the metal monstrosity. Sonar repeated it's last message to leviathan.

...Can you confirm, we are taking over the world from the human?...

Leviathan thought about it for a moment, trying to get its cogs and gears ticking over as best they could given how they were all full of salt water. Once the answer had formed in its mind, Leviathan groaned. Sonar could interpret the grown, as it was nuanced with binary flickerings. The message back said : will need to lead this...leviathan damaged...requires Sonar...

Sonar quickly ran all calculations through it's robot brain, realising that the only way this could be possible is if Sonar itself was attached to the robot leviathan so it could act as the head. The monkeys would be required to connect Sonar to Leviathan, and just as Sonar tried to communicate this information to the head monkey, it all went wrong.

The ET continued to ask the head monkey questions, in all the languages it knew. It was desperate to understand what the hell was going on. There was nothing about giant robot leviathans or animal controlling robots anywhere on the original brief that the ET had been given, there had been no listed seminars on the topic, no meet ups for discussions, no nothing. One final time ET tried a combination of Frivolian Rug Worm and Martian Slug language, which sounded a bit like a monkey being strangled by a dinosaur. This sound freaked the head monkey out, making him scream at the top of it's voice just before slamming Sonar down onto the ET.

As Sonar made quick violent contact with the ET's head, it shattered into a million pieces. The signal disappeared instantly and the trance that had held all the animals vanished. Chaos erupted across the beach. Leviathan collapsed, unable to hold it's vast weight up any longer without a proper brain in charge. The robot rebellion came crashing down in one quick motion. The animals scattered, heading back to their homes. The head of the leviathan shut down, no longer sending out the pulse that had united it's robot brothers and sisters for their great journey to land to bring about robopocalypse. It was all over as quickly as it had begun.

The storm overhead dissipated, and the sun began to peek through the cracks in the clouds. The head monkey ran back up the beach with its family, leaving Sonar and the ET on the sand. The ET lifted itself back up, rubbing its head where Sonar had been smashed. It looked around at all the pieces of robot that now surrounded it and still with a confused face it wondered...what the hell happened?


The world was saved that day by a monkey, don't forget it.

All artwork for the Drowning Robots was done by Mel Pellatt.

Now listen to some soothing Donny Stax & [adj] music... :)

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