Friday, 23 November 2012

The Spark that Downed the Forest - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 5

The Spark that Downed the Forest - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 5

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The animals were on the move. Sonar, the robot animal communication beacon, pulsed the way, pointing the animals in the direction they needed to head. All the species of the forest began blindly following the sound of Sonar. The tree swinging ones, the land burrowing ones, the flying in the sky ones, the tiny ones, the massive ones, and all the sizes in between too. The whole animal kingdom was entranced, driven by some urge that was primordial, deep within them all. At the head of this mass migration was the monkey tribe, holding Sonar high above their heads as they screamed through the forest, heading towards the sea.

The local authorities became concerned with the level of bizarre reports they were receiving from people all over the county. The reports ranged from Bigfoot leading an army of sky crabs to the promised land, to spiders literally eating children's homework. The people on duty that day were confused, it was not unusual to receive strange prank calls about all manner of insane things, but having so many on the same day, that was unusual. The officers on patrol were all asked to keep an eye out for anything suspicious or unusual, to which most of them replied "hah, that's everyday all the time, that's just our jobs". One officer happened to be investigating reports of strange noises out in the forest, and on arrival at the edge of the forest, she had got out of her vehicle and walked towards the trees. Holding a gun at the ready, she peered into the dense woodlands. Something was moving, in fact, almost everything seemed to be moving, as if a strong wind were blowing right through the place, but no such wind was there. The noise as well, the noise was like a rumbling of tanks coming towards the officer. An invisible war was on it's way, bounding towards the sea. All of a sudden Sonar became visible to the officer, held high in the air by a monkey. She squinted at the metallic flashing object that swung through the trees, as if it was a spark starting a forest fire, licking at the branches as it bound onward. The whole animal army bound out of the forest, knocking the officer down. "OFFICER DOWN"!

"Go ahead officer, explain"
"It's some kind of army, some kind of animal army!"
"Could you repeat that?"
"For ducks sake, this isn't some kind of joke, there really is an animal army"

Satellite reports state that a fire was raging through the forest, a smokeless fire.
This was reported to the ET, but it was still sunning itself on the beach, even though the sun had gone in and the clouds had rolled up. It wasn't yet raining, but it would be very soon, and all the other people on the beach had left, only the ET sat there, alone.

Under the ocean, the lead robot continued to be propelled towards land, with all the drowned robot parts on the ocean beds caught up in the wake, connecting together and forming some kind of robot mass, a giant leviathan constructed from disposed of metal. The life of the sea followed closely behind, intrigued by the storm brewing both under and above the ocean. Something was about to happen, something big...

(( Hear the whole of 'Sounds for Drowning Robots' the electronica album by [adj] right here and right now, thanks for reading :))

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