Friday, 7 September 2012

So what you doing?

So friends,

What's going on with me I hear you not asking? Well, let me tell you...

I have been busking on the streets of Brighton for the last week, a full blog about that to come with picture and video evidence to back up my blogging claims. You can trust me, I couldn't afford any expensive green screen technology or any actors to come walk across it and make the expensive green screen all dirty so I would have to hand over more cash i don't have to get the damn thing cleaned!

Anyway, moving on... There are gigs in the pipeline, I've called an experienced plumber to come and dislodge them from the pipes, at which time I will inform you of the dates, until then, just know they are pipelined up. One of dem gigs is a circus :D Things are about to get wild people!

Mr Donny Stax and myself are still in the studio crafting our third album for the year, now we are aware that most musicians knock out one album every three years, but we wanted to do it the other way around, so three albums in one year it will be god damn it! We have about 8 tracks in some form already, and we will write a couple more, expect to see the album before the year is through, with some punchy radio singles to boot. We have continued to get radio play for some of our tunes, 'Separately' from our second album 'Free Music (Donate Now)' {which can be downloaded for FREE from } has been played by my good friend Ben Stubbs on his radioshow on redshiftradio a few times {Thanks Ben}. Winning!

So here is the complete soundcloud link for Donny Stax & [adj]'s 2012 exploits so far, have a listen and enjoy (if you so desire, if not, just skip past it, ignore it, don't press the purple play button of pure pleasure, don't, don't, don't press it, NO! Please, think of the childrens limbs!)
There will be more Donny Stax and [adj] to come very soon.

In the meantime, come and catch me busking in Brighton if you get the chance.

Now smile, life is awesome.

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

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