Friday, 16 November 2012

Sonar - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 4

Sonar - Sounds for Drowning Robots part 4

The call of the robots was heard the world over, everywhere that lay a discarded mechanical device, every nook and cranny of every rubbish tip and underground cavern. In every lake and river on the whole planet, the robots were stirring, coming alive.

 Some robots were not lucky enough to be near the epicentre of the uprising, some in fact were so far away and so isolated that their mini revolutions went completely unnoticed by anything other then themselves. For example, in the wetlands, where old junk could often be found bobbing about on the surface of great lakes and vast marshes, there was the remains of a great experiment, a robot of such vast potential that it's creators had felt it important that it be irreversibly disassembled and placed in several distant places so it could never again function. The Sonar project back in the early 1970's had managed to avoid going public, but only narrowly, especially after the incident in India that resulted in the deaths of at least 200 members of the secret project. Code named Sonar due to it's original intended function of communicating with animal life, the resulting robotic design had accidentally worked as a unification device, allowing animals from all across the spectrum to communicate with each other. Fearing the animal uprisings of such films as Planet of the Apes, the scientists working on the project shut it down as quickly as they could.

The central processing unit of Sonar lay in the wetlands. When it was awoken by the robot pulse, it lifted itself from the water, only to discover that it was nothing more then a head. It's body was gone, scattered across the globe. The Sonar head lay on the grass, scanning the surroundings and cross referencing everything against it's outdated databases. After a few minutes of processing, Sonar realised that it was outside (somewhere it had been forbidden from visiting when operational), and began to send out a pulse of energy, to reach any nearby animals. In the nearby trees, monkeys heard the call, and bound over to the head.

...robot uprising...humans destroying planet...only we can help...we will pay you in bananas if you help us...end of message...

The monkeys looked at each other, somewhat confused by the understandable message. The head monkey scooped the head up under his arm and ran towards the forest, with the other monkeys not far behind, all screaming and shouting about the strange robot head. The other animals in the surrounding area began to flock towards the monkeys, drawn in by the sonar pulse that seemed to speak all of their diverse animal languages. was on...

The world was about to change forever...

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