Saturday, 24 November 2012

New Donny Stax & [adj] album coming December 1st 2012

Hello friends,

A quick break in the 'Sounds for Drowning Robots' saga to tell you about another upcoming album from How Bout That Records. Donny Stax & [adj] have already given the world two albums this year in the shape of their debut album 'Fine' and their pop inspired second outing 'Free Music (Donate Now)'.
Before the year is out they will be plopping their third helping of musical treats onto the ears of anyone who will listen, I can happily announce that it is a 13 track album with 10 killer tunes and 3 skits and it's called 'Self Aware' and will be available from the 1st of December 2012 on bandcamp.

Donny Stax & [adj] played a few of the new tunes live at the Mucky Duck in Brighton, supporting the awesome 'Jipsy Magic' back on the 21st of November. They acoustically knocked out the new tunes 'Woke Up In A Good Mood' and 'Let's Get Connected', along with 'In the Cyber-space Between Us' and 'Live Up There' from their debut album, 'Separately' from their second album, and their reworked version of the Jessie J classic song 'Price Tag'. You probably didn't really need to know all that, I mean, you probably weren't there so couldn't give a rats testicle what tracks they played, but, now you know, so if in the unlikely event that it comes up in a pub quiz then you will get the two points and possibly win that oversized novelty jar of pickled onions.

Anyway, I should stop talking about myself in the third person, I mean, I am [adj] after all, that is my mask. So, this third album from Donny Stax and myself has been a slower album to build, and we have really tried to do some new and interesting things with our music, including an all vocal track we did with Achille called 'Can't Stop Funking Around', complete with vocal drums, guitar and trumpet. We put the final verse on the record on the 24th of November with Truth from DGAFM. He knocked it out the park, giving 'Worth the Waiting For' a fitting banger of a second verse. Other strong tracks include the thoughtful 'Slow Down', the hopeful 'Utopia Rising' and the metaphysical title track 'Self Aware'.

None of these titles probably mean anything to you right now, but they will soon, so stay tuned and expect to be hearing some fresh new music on this here blog, and other places all across the web. By next year, you will know all the lyrics to all of them, trust me, I'm a doctor.

Let the countdown begin...

Peace and infinite love
[adj] Andy D Jackson

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