Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Acoustic Manoeuvres in the Light (part 1)

Hello friends,

Levitating cow
Sometimes life can be like being repeatedly kicked in the teeth by a gnome with pointy shoes on, or, having your mind slowly fed into a meat-slicer, or, sitting in a waiting room to see the squinty dentist while listening to the muffled screams and high pitched drills on enamel. Hmm, I appear to have used two teeth related analogies there, not sure why, my teeth seem fine...hold on, just gonna check...

Yep, my teeth are fine, a little tea stained and nicotine yellow but that's nothing unusual, there are no gnome boot prints in them. So, anyway, I am feeling a little kicked to the floor at the moment, but that can only be a sign that things are about to take off like the rockets in my dreams. It won't be long now and I will be living the high life I so often imagine for myself.

Until then though, we have more acoustic manoeuvres to share...Here is an acoustic performance of our song 'In The Cyber-Space Between Us', recorded in Studio Stax on a laptop.

The album will be out very soon, the artwork is just being finished atm. Also, exciting things in the pipeline, got some more music to make :D

How Bout That! (more to come on this soon ;)

Peace and infinite love to you all

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

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