Monday, 30 April 2012

Use Your Eyes Mate (revised)

Hello friends,

Mr Donny Stax and myself released another song onto the interweb from our upcoming debut album 'Fine'. The new song we have put up for anyone to listen to is called 'Use Your Eyes Mate' and you can hear it right here right now by clicking on the little play button just underneath these words :)

This song is the 4th one we have made available from our upcoming album. The whole album is finished and will be hitting Itunes very soon. We have even cut a nice radio friendly version where any naughty swears have been reversed and turned into musical rainbows, and any drug references that are not sanctioned by the Drug Administration have been blurred out. George Orwell must be spinning in his grave like a rotisserie chicken.

'Use Your Eyes Mate' was one of the most interesting sessions we had while making the album. It was a Saturday and a good friend of ours 'Mace' was coming to do a track with us. He was due about lunchtime, but I always tended to arrive about half ten. When I got to the studio that day, Donny was already building a beat. So I jumped in there and we started turning it into a song, adding bass and piano and plinky plonky sounds (as is my right as a plinky plonky enthusiast). The song was ready for vocals by half 12, so we sat and wrote vocals for it. Mace turned up about half 2, and by that time we had almost finished the track. We topped the vocals off quickly and then moved onto working on another new song with Mace, we produced the track 'Careless' (it's on our upcoming album). So 'Use Your Eyes Mate' was probably the fastest track we completed start to finnish, and it remains one of my favourite ones from the 'Fine' sessions.

I'm really excited to release the whole album and get some feedback, it was a blast to make and introduced me to a whole new world of music that had previously eluded me. It is a real pleasure to learn more about Hip Hop and it's world and I look forward to the adventures it has in store for me.

Thanks for reading my blog, I love you dearly.

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson xx

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