Thursday, 10 May 2012

Anonymous Uncovered!

Hello friends,

Same cover, different glow...hmmm
So blog, we meet again, once more you shall be displaying words being channeled from my brain to my fingers to the computer to the internet to the people...well, get on with it then, stop wasting time with words that people don't need to read and get onto the words that people might actually want to read, or gain some sort of insight (however small) from...

I love the internet, really and truly. It is a meta-space of infinite possibility and amazing expressions of the human mindscape made visual and audio-able, any number of crazy things are just a few clicks from filling your screen. Anonymous are not far behind each and every one of them clicks...lurking in the backroom with the brooms and cleaning materials, ready to pounce at any moment and put up a tent or make a video or just go 'Muuuuuuuullllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh' in your face when you are least expecting it.

Well, we uncovered Anonymous in our new video (we didn't put up any tents though),, check it out.

Here is our official video to 'In the Cyber-Space Between Us' from Donny Stax & [adj]'s debut album 'Fine; ((available very soon))

Anonymous appeared twice in the vid, we had to go to Occupy somewhere and pick a couple of them up from tents, it took us a while, as we did have two cornered for a while but they escaped using ninja anonymous mind tricks that we could only ever hope to master. We found a couple of less ninja ones shortly afterwards and put them in the boot of the car, drove back home, and then forced them at pizza cutter point to perform in our video (we would have used a knife but they all needed washing).

Anonymous has started to appear everywhere these days, popping up in some weird and wonderful places, it truly is an amazing marketing campaign by the V for Vendetta film makers, I mean, some films are luck to get a few weeks of promotions to hopefully drag the punters in, V for V-d! Gheeze, they have spent more on promoting that film several years after it's release then they did when it came out, I guess they have a big warehouse full of unsold merchandise they are desperately trying to flog...or maybe a sequel is in the works!

With the huge rise in popularity of the film V for Vendetta, it was only a matter of time before the mask from it started appearing in more places. It's such a shame that 'The Mask' starring Jim Carey didn't receive the same kind of publicity injection, because those masks would be much more amusing.

One can dream. Right, time to get back to my secret masterplan to take over the world (wmoo, hah hah) using music...

Here is the set list of songs released from 'Fine' so far, enjoy them all in one place :D

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson xx

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