Saturday, 5 May 2012

In my Prime (some remixin' going on)

Hello friendlings,

It was meant to have been our debut gig yesterday (4/5/12) but due to unforeseen circumstances it did not come to pass, apologies to anyone that had been looking forward to it. We decided not to be disheartened by this and pressed on. Donny Stax & [adj] will make some kind of live appearance soon I'm sure - but until that currently unknown date in the future, we have made a leap back from rehearsal to musical creation (our favourite thing).

Now don't get me wrong, playing live can be great fun, very rewarding and extremely exhilarating, but also it can be frustrating, annoying and overly sweaty. I do enjoy dripping with my own sweat while standing underneath tiny replicas of the sun, but I can live without it as well, quite happily in fact.

Mr Stax and myself need to make some money, oh boy do we! Our album is almost ready for full scale interplanetary release, not long now, just waiting for the final tweaks to the cover and it will be lift off central. Intergalactic Itunes will not know what hit it. It has already broken the box office records for greatest Pre release sales for a film in the last hundred years....and it isn't even a film!

The pre-pre release versions of the album have been shipped to several top secret locations around the world that are not even listed on google earth, that's how super secret they are. One of the address is simply 'The Sky', no postal code or nothing...I do hope it gets there safely. The pre-pre release version of 'Fine' contains six songs that haven't even been written yet, as well as the 13 songs that have already been written. Anyone with one of the special pre-pre-pre release golden tokens will be receiving a special edition version of the album which contains the original 13 songs, the six songs from the future AND a special introduction from Jesus himself. I don't want to give too much away, but it's safe to say that once you have heard the special introduction you will be blessed with good fortune and cookies for the rest of your that's some special kinda introduction for sure.

In the meantime...a new track will be listenable from tomorrow...or today, or ages ago...I don't know when you are reading this...the track is called 'Laze' and it features my brother N-Jax on vocals and's a cracker :D

Mr Stax and I have spent the last couple of days working on some new material to sell and make further millions of pounds with, expect the charts to be flooded with our stuff very soon. Positive mental blogging, that's my way now.

In the meantimewhile, here is a track that was remixed from one of my original songs 'Prime'. Mr Donny Stax cut it up and rapped on it, as did Achille...I added some chorus emphasis. Enjoy.

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson
((so damn rich in all ways))

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