Saturday, 12 May 2012

Jessie J's Price Tag (Re-Work)

Hello friends,

Before you get the chance to purchase the greatest debut album since CD's were invented, myself and Mr Donny Stax decided we wanted to give something to our listeners for free, so we decided to do a little reworking of a popular tune by the big J girl herself 'Jessie J'. I feel really sorry for the 'i' in her name, it's the only letter without a twin, poor thing. Anyway, big JJ herself has this song about money, it's called Price Tag, you might have heard of it.

Glow in the dark magic 
In Price Tag the lyrics imply that it's not about the money (money, money), no, it's about making people dance and ignoring the price on it. Now, I don't mean to sound too cynical but that sounds like a load of old horse giblets to me. I have a feeling that Ms JJ got a hefty sum of money money money for the track, I also have a feeling she happily kept that money money money that she so fervently insisted she didn't want in the song.

So we reworked it, to be a bit more realistic...

If you enjoyed our reworking I would love to hear from you, tell me what you think, share with me the electrical pulses that are firing around your mindspace, it will make you feel better, I, I'm no doctor but I heard once that 'a comment a day keeps the doctor at bay', so why not make this your comment of the day :D

You can give me all your money as well if you like...

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson xx

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