Thursday, 31 May 2012

World Event 2012 - Important moment no. 212

So friends,

Thank you to everyone in the universe and other universes for ordering so many pre pre copies of our debut album 'Fine'. We had not expected such an overwhelming response, especially from universes that were until just moments ago completely unknown to us.

Due to the universal law bending of the activity surrounding the pre pre release of 'Fine' by Donny Stax & [adj], and the indeed questionable nature surrounding the creation of the album in regards to the recent investigation by the time police and the creation of 'How Bout That Records' some 3 billion years since it's first dabbling with the human race. Both Donny Stax & [adj] have been subject to rigorous examination by other dimensional beings. It is because of this that the pre release was not allowed to occur...the gods themselves stepped in and made sure that itunes didn't process the information fast enough so that humans couldn't pre order the album before it's release.

But have no fear, for it will be here in a few hours ago. It's a time thing.

Now I don't want to cause any panic or alarm, but it is indeed panic and alarm that will get someone to read something in the first place, so panic and alarm it up I must!

When the pre-pre release of 'Fine' was sent to the other dimensions from which it had been purchased, a giant rip appeared in spacetime. The rip looked just like the picture on the left, but it was not seen by anybody in the surrounding area because they were all busy watching some clever advert with a kitten in it. The rip continues to grow, day by day, and the authorities are still refusing to look away from the television and to the sky to see what the cause of the constant light is! I only hope that the actual release will help quell this madness, otherwise I fear we might have started something truly scary...

Hold onto your hats people...the beginning is coming...

Don't be afraid, be mildly concerned for now, the afraid levels will be raised should anything more dramatic occur...

Get ready to purchase the world saving album, the fate of the whole universe is in your hands reader...

Peace and infinite hope

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Get your ears ready for the whole album with the preview below....

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Pre-Order 'Fine' before it's too late

Hello friends,

The time has come, at last the universe changing album 'Fine' by Donny Stax & [adj] has got a release date and can be pre-ordered from 7Digital right here now. They won the race, Itunes were too slow...the pre release should be available from there in a matter of days though.

The album cover
You will only be able to pre-order 'Fine' until the 1st of June, because that's when it will be available to buy without needed to wait for it. If you didn't already know, the pre-pre orders of 'Fine' were so overwhelming in their magnitude that a trans-dimensional gate had to be constructed in the future and sent back to our time to help cope with the inter-dimensional traffic. Unfortunately, due to this time bending mechanic, 'How Bout That Records' will have to wait to get paid for all the inter-dimensional sales, even though those beings have already had their copies sent to them from the future. When I got involved with music I had no idea it would become so time/mind bending.

Another song from the album will be available to hear in the next blog, and on soundcloud. 'Breaking Up With Society' features the awesome talents of Truth and Tex, it's probably my personal favourite track on the album as well.

Also, BBC Introducing in the South will be spinning our single 'Live Up There' again this evening on their show from 7-9pm. Here is a quote from Mr Donny Stax's facebook

Hey everyone, me and mr [adj] are getting more radio play on sunday on bbc sussex details below :D 
BBC Introducing: The South, 7-9pm Sunday evenings
BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey & BBC Radio Solent
Listen in Brighton on 95.3 FM
Listen in Sussex & Surrey 104-104.8 FM
Listen in Solent & Hampshire on 96.1 FM
Listen in Dorset on 103.8 FM
Listen on-line:

Text in during the show (you need to start texts with the word ‘radio’) on 81333 (normal rates apply)
Email the show at

- There you go, do what Mr Stax tells you, he knows what he's on about.

So...this blog is done, no more for now...more to come later though...

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Monday, 21 May 2012

The History of 'How Bout That' Part 4

Hello friends,

Once again, please read Part 1 (here) then Part 2 (here) and finally Part 3 (here) before tackling this blog right here because it's Part 4, and it won't make any sense whatsoever to you if you haven't followed the intricate plot that has unfolded over the previous instalments of this shocking time bending conspiracy.

I was being watched, closely, the tiny fruit salads had done more then just connect me into Mrs X and her magic carpet of wonders, they had also opened my mind to other realms of existence that were right there with me at all times. I was not paying close attention to these other realms at that point, for I still didn't even believe in 'How Bout That Records', and I certainly had no idea that I was to be one of it's cofounders.

5. The Alien Connection

Magic torch for seeing aliens
On one of my visits to Mrs X, she revealed to me that I was being followed. I had been feeling the presence of other beings while doing my research into How Bout That, but I had brushed it off using a tiny spiritual paint brush I had dreamed up for myself. Mrs X explained that I was being watched by something from another time, not just one single thing, but multiple researchers. I was being researched while I was doing research, something was researching the researcher while the researcher researched. Mrs X told me I should stop saying 'research' and should focus on the problem at hand. She gave me a magic torch and showed me how to use it to light up the beings when they approached me.

For weeks after I had been given the torch I felt no need to use it, nothing seemed to be disturbing me as I investigated the depth of 'How Bout That'. The first time I felt the need to 'shine the light' came mid winter while I was listening to a song that might have been from the future. I had found a link to an alien internet which had several songs from the Best Songs of Earth CD, also there were links to future and past releases. It took me a while to navigate around the sites as they were laid out very differently to our human internet pages, and the links were prone to be broken or faulty. Eventually, on this one night, I managed to partially download a track called '555gffffrr£@33***!'. I couldn't track down the artist name, and I wasn't quite sure how you pronounced the track name, but it was something quite unique. I had not heard anything like it before, and I am not capable of describing it with any accuracy to you. The best description I can think of involves The Beatles in a blender with dubstep, hip hop, hardcore trance and Madonna being spat out of a being that has evolved from record players. That doesn't come close to a fitting description, but it is the best I have to offer.

The torch light effect.
The song had been tagged with a homing beacon, and while I was listening to it my exact location was being fed to a central location somewhere central. I was bopping about to the song when I felt a tapping on my shoulder. I stopped the bop and froze in my seat (not literally, the central heating was on). I slowly turned around to see who or what was there, but there was nothing to be seen. I grabbed for the torch and frantically jabbed at the on button. The light sprung into action mode and sent out a bright orange pulse that filled the room with amazing light. As the pulse rippled around the room it revealed the beings stood watching me, and there were at least ten of them in my small studio space. The orange pulse continued to show me these beings as they tapped away on ipad like devices. One of them was holding up some kind of probe, it was waving it about in my face and tapping away on it's computer pad thing. I sat very still, trying to work out how to get out of the room, the exit was well and truly blocked by these creatures, and the window was bolted shut for safety reasons. One of the alien things noticed the torch and started to sniff at it with a probe stick thingy. I guess it worked out that I could now see them because it turned to the other creatures and started flailing it's arms (I guess they were arms) about. The other creatures all stopped tapping away on their pads and turned to observe me. One of them stepped forward and waved a tentacle thing in front of my eyes to get a reaction, but I used all my ninja training to remain perfectly still.

They are watching...
The being that was probing me took a large needle out of it's pocket (again, just a guess, it might have been a bag strapped to its body, or a pouch like a kangaroo maybe!). The long needle was plunged into my forehead and I instantly went numb and fell off of my chair. I do not remember what happened next.


I awoke 5 days later in a different part of the country. I had no idea how I had got there, and getting back home turned out to be a mega mission and a half, for I had no money on me, and no clothes to sell either. All I had on was a pair of boxer shorts and a green scarf. I stumbled around in the forrest of a while, trying to work out what to do. I kept blacking in and out of consciousness, getting these sharp stinging pains up and down my body before falling to the ground and shaking violently for a little while. I managed to find a stream where I washed the scarf and myself. As the water covered my body I got strange flashes of some other place. Suddenly, as if a film were being projected onto my eyelids, I was shown something. It was a documentary, one from the future, all about 'How Bout That Records'. The start was the most shocking part, it was a recreation of the very situation I have been telling you about. The tiny fruit salad, the missing link, the aliens, Mrs X, they were all in there, as well as me being injected and taken to the forrest. The spookiest part was when it got to me washing myself and watching the documentary, it was so meta it made me be sick all over my knob. After that section, the documentary showed me the future, how I eventually managed to get a taxi home by selling the scarf to a goblin for five pieces of gold, how I would form 'How Bout That Records' with Mr Donny Stax, how we would end up selling billions of records in a very short space of time, how we would sign up the first intergalactic artist ever, how we would concur space, time, the universe and everything, and how we would go back in time and help form the very universe that birthed us. It was a thrilling documentary, and hopefully it will make it to mainstream television before you die, but if it doesn't, you might be able to track it down on the internet in a few decades.

First ever release by How Bout That Records.
So there you have it, the truth about 'How Bout That Records', the most influential music label in the whole future history of the universe....well how bout that!

The first record they ever released will be available to Pre-order in a day or two...or in the past, it depends when you read this I guess :)

Peace and Infinite Love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Friday, 18 May 2012

The History of 'How Bout That' Part 3

Hello friends,

Once again, if you have not read Part 1 (here) or Part 2 (here) then you will not have a clue as to what is going on in this blog. It's about to get even weirder...

So, throughout the ages of man, and even pre man, How Bout That Records was involved in all things music. The logo has been discovered in several secret ancient tombs and caves, and was even on a few copies of the original $475 bill (this was taken out of circulation after just two weeks). My research was leading me into very dangerous territory, and I had no idea what was about to happen.

4. The Best Songs Ever Recorded & the Tiny Fruit Salad

One of my contacts, we shall call her Mrs X (that's her real name) started sending me packages of information back around 2001, to begin with these packages contained small samples of soil from the different places she was visiting around the world. I took little notice of these for several years, simply pouring the soil out of each package and into a potted plant. I did not know Mrs X and given her weird mail drops to me, I had little interest in getting to know her. Also, any research I did into her revealed several people going under the names Mr or Mrs X so I couldn't narrow the search down.

Soil samples sent from around the world.
Some time around 2007 I noticed something strange about the plant growing in the pot that contained the eclectic world soil. Now I am no plant expert but I was pretty sure that plants couldn't grow multiple types of fruit on the same plant. The small tree had on it tiny apples, pears, oranges, watermelons, grapes, star fruit, kiwi fruit, pink grapefruit, strawberries and red bananas. I began harvesting the fruit and making special gourmet miniature fruit salads. I guessed that this must have had something to do with the special soil I kept receiving, so the next package that arrived from Mrs X was greeted differently. I carefully opened the package and peered inside. Much to my surprise there was no soil in it, instead there was just a single piece of paper with a website address hand written on it. I quickly looked up the address and to my shock and horror, it linked to an internet not of this world.

A tiny fruit salad from the fruit salad tree.
What I found was an advert, for a compilation CD being sold intergalactically, containing 20 of 'The Best Songs Ever Recorded on Earth'. Now, I had not heard any of these songs before, but I recognised the logo in the corner of the was 'How Bout That Records' of course. Mrs X knew what I would be researching in the future somehow, and also, she somehow found the right soil combination to create the Fruit Salad Tree. I needed to meet her and get more information.

Now what does the soil and the tiny Fruit Salad Tree have to do with the record label you might be asking, well, what happened next connected it all together.

People started reporting strange occurrences relating to the consumption of the tiny fruit salad made from the tiny fruit salad tree. I had to issue refunds as compensation for the effects of the fruit salad to almost everyone who had bought it from me, except for these two old ladies down the street who couldn't get enough of it and would be scratching at my door trying to get a fix at 2 in the morning like desperate crack addicts. I decided it would be best if I consumed some of the tiny fruit salad myself to verify all the wild claims about it.

Just keep staring at's ALIVE!!!!!
I sat in a dark room and ate the whole of a tiny fruit salad in a matter of seconds (it doesn't take long, they are only small). Nothing happened for the first half an hour or so, I started to get bored just sitting in the dark on my own, then something started to happen. Colours, bright and trippy and crazy and WOW! I was travelling across dimensions on a magic carpet with none other than Mrs X herself. She winked at me when she appeared, or more appropriately, when I appeared, since she was always there apparently. We travelled across many dimensional plains while she explained to me the nature of How Bout That, how it had spanned across the universe and infiltrated even the highest of the dimensions where only single thoughts exist for mere moments. She showed me the alien connection, and how it was my understanding of time that was wrong and causing me confusion over the whole thing. Mrs X also asked me to kindly stop giving the tiny fruit salad to other people as she didn't like sharing her magic carpet with strangers.

well How Bout That!
I had a link now, if ever I needed to converse with Mrs X I could just eat a tiny fruit salad. I would do this often to gain further insight into the history of 'How Bout That', but my travels were not going by unnoticed, something was watching me closely, and it would reveal itself to me when I started getting too close to a super secret truth of the universe...

The thrilling conclusion is coming in Part 4...

peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The History of 'How Bout That' Part 2

So friends,

Part one can be found here - you should read that first otherwise this part might not make any sense (pah!)

The plot thickens, with each strand of new information entering the head, a crop of hair begins to form, and soon we will have to try and tie that hair together to form some kind of pony tail. Until then though, there are further strands to be added.

3. The Missing Link - stolen?

One of my contacts in the C.I.B (They are one better then the CIA) sent me a google map directions list to a secret location coincidently very close to where I was staying. I didn't even need to get a bus to get to the small collection of caves. These caves were secret, because they were hidden by the side of a main road where no one ever walks, they only drive. As I approached the caves I felt a curious feeling of dread, like I was about to be hit with something or be told I had cancer. This feeling followed me into the caves, like a shadow stalker. I told it to go away, but it didn't respond, even when I threw rocks at it and screamed at it in an ancient pokemon language.

These caves held something very special, something that I was forbidden to photograph or even look at for more then a few seconds for fear that my eyes would explode (it's a legitimate fear of mine and it was what it said on the signs leading into the cave). Preserved in the cave was a family of pre human humans, the missing link between monkey men and man. I could tell it was the missing link because there was a little sign on the wall commemorating it's discovery by Sir Gandalf the Scarlet in 1783. There was also a chart of when the toilets were meant to be cleaned in the cave, and that hadn't been signed by a maintenance person for over fifteen years. It seemed like this place had been discovered, widely talked about, and then just as suddenly forgotten about. I needed to get to the bottom of this, because that was where the exit was.

Once I had scaled back down to the exit of the cave, I noticed the abandoned gift shop. There were photo's of the sign by the missing link, but no photo's of the missing link due to the legend of the curse. I read a pamphlet about the curse, but it didn't make much sense to me as it was all in French. From what I could make out, a mouse stole a gemstone from a fairy near these caves, so the fairy cursed the caves saying "no one shall photograph the missing links without being struck down by my curse until my gemstone is returned by that little mouse bar-stard". The mouse never returned the stone, and the curse remains in place to this day.

I stole a T-shirt from the gift shop and decided to go back up and have a proper look at the missing link, to hell with the curse. Once I reached the cave for the second time I noticed something moving near the sign. It was a mouse clutching a tiny gemstone in it's mouth. It dropped the gemstone at my feet and the curse was lifted. I wish I had a camera with me so I could have captured the moment, but alas I didn't.
On close inspection of the missing link family, I discovered they were all clutching tiny stone ipods. I leant in and prized one of them free, and I began to listen to the music on the pod. What I heard astonished me, not only due to the high production values and crisp sound quality for a time well before studio equipment existed. The first few tracks were all just pop music of the time, 'Ug Me Ug Me' by Bam Bam Bagooie and 'Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh ooooooh' by The Stone Rollers, stuff like that. The fifth track I listened to was of great interest. It was an interview between a missing linker and something alien.

At first I had trouble making out what they were saying, as it was mainly in the grunty language of the missing linker, the alien being seemed to have clear diction, but was communicating in the language of the interviewer. The only part I clearly made out was the alien saying 'How Bout That'. Once more I had encountered it, the legend of How Bout That Records connected into the greatest conspiracy of our times, aliens gave the knowledge to the missing link who used it to make great music. The whole catalogue of hairy human music had been put out by 'How Bout That Records' well before any other record label had even been thought of. The market back during that time was mainly interstellar it would seem, most of the missing linkers did not want to listen to music as they felt it interrupted their faeces throwing contests and nail biting chess tournaments, but there was a huge market for off world sales, with the missing link three piece 'Ooh, Ooh, Ooh' being very popular with the Linguinians.

I needed to catch my breath before taking on the next mind blowing piece of information that came my way... More aliens were about to enter the picture...

Find out more in Part 3

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The History of 'How Bout That' ((HUGE CONSPIRACY))

So friends,

I've been doing some research into the origins of How Bout That Records, and it seems that there is a lot more going on right here then meets the eye. For one thing, it's very hard to track down information about it due to the fact that it is a massive success in THE FUTURE, not right now. I have been dipping into the future to try and retrieve information, but this proved to be much harder then I had originally anticipated. Firstly, I don't have any knowledge of time travel yet, that is something I guess I develop in the future and then send back to myself when I am ready to handle it, which obviously isn't quite yet (maybe tomorrow).

I decided on a new tact, I would research into the past and see if I could find any clues about the future, and I was SHOCKED by what I discovered.

A Huge Conspiracy bigger then JFK strapped to the back of a 20ft Lizard dressed as a Nazi robot parading around the White House giving blow jobs to passing interns during press day! OMG (Oh Mighty Gopher) I had trouble believing what I discovered. I had to check all the data several times against reliable sources that won't let me use their names for fear of being tracked down and eaten alive. These sources confirmed for me that it was all indeed true, that this information had been kept secret from the public for over 200 billion years, way before humans even existed.

1. Fossils of interest - How Bout That!

Many museums carry secret underground caves full of ancient artefacts that are not allowed to be seen by the public. The main reason for this is that if these objects of interest were seen, it would cause massive outcry of 'HOW BOUT THAT!'
One of my secret sources managed to infiltrate into a top museums secret cavern and took several photo's of objects that should not exist.

Now I have these photo's, but I can not share them with you for fear of exposing my secret contact, he has a very distinct style of photography and I would hate to accidentally expose him and force him to have to deal with the consequences. We will call him Mr. Nomis for the sake of giving him a name, that isn't his real name, oh no. Well, the first few photo's are of dinosaur abortions, proving that abortions were performed back in the Jurassic Park period of time, and it was every lady dinosaurs choice if they kept the baby or not. This was of little interest to me, it was the next object Mr. Nomis had managed to snap photo's of that truly fascinated me.

Not the actual vinyl photographed.
A vinyl record from the pre Jurassic Park period, this item could only be played on a 2 billion year old record player, and there wasn't one of them lying around for us to be able to hear the songs on it. But, we did manage to decipher the markings in the middle of the record. It said "How Bout That Records - vol. 0.0001". I was taken aback when we worked it out, how could this be? How could the record label pre-date humans? Unless - it was sent back there from the future, just as I had suspected all along. Mr Nomis told me that it had something to do with a Diplodocus named Splerrrrx. I told him to go away and he reluctantly did.

The rest of Mr Nomis's photo's were of little consequence, there was something about a video of another angle of the JFK shooting or something, but I will leave that to the other conspiracy nuts to deal with.

Mozart pulling his 'How Bout That' face.
2. Early manuscripts - the Mozart conspiracy

The early papers of Mozart were recently discovered in a box in his bedroom marked 'Do Not Touch - my special secret writings'. It took a while for scholars to open the box as it had been welded shut by years of not being opened by anyone. Eventually they got inside and were shocked to discover Mozart's old opium and cannabis stash, as well as three sets of music and a letter. The music was quickly discovered to just be early drafts of some of his major hits in D minor. The letter was the interesting part here. It was from a record label asking Mozart to hurry up and start writing the hits, and the letter was dated three hundred years B.M (Before Mozart). It had been handed to him on his 2nd Birthday and he had kept it in his secret drug box ever since. The letter was signed - How Bout That Records.

It is believed by some that a similar letter was sent to every classical musician of every period of time, even the dinosaur musicians from pre-human time. These letters are usually destroyed by the receiver for fear of exposing their link to true music. Mozart's allegiance to How Bout That Records can clearly be heard if you take any of his tunes, reverse them, slow them down to 7 beats per minute, then speed them back up to half the original tempo, then remove each fourth beat from the bar, then turn the song and a 90 degree angle and listen to it with you ears pinned open you can clearly hear Mozart screaming 'HOW BOUT THAT! HOW BOUT THAT! HOW BOUT THAT!'.

This was starting to get unnerving for me, I needed to understand how 'How Bout That Records' had managed to become such a monolith of music while only just having come into existence. What I discovered has changed me into a very rich and successful person, and I will share it all with you the next part

Stay inquisitive

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

PART 2 of the History of How Bout That will be with you shortly...

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

How Bout That Records

So friends,

The time came, it had to be done. Along with my good friend and musical partner in crime Mr Donny Stax, I have formed a record label. It's official now, it's been signed into existence. Can I get a How Bout That?
well How Bout That!
The first release under the label will be 'Fine' by Donny Stax & [adj], it is a full length album full of meaty songy goodness and a sprinkling of skit. It will be available for standard pre-release very soon, it is currently only available under pre-pre release from a source not of this dimension, and sales are already through the metaphorical roof. I would point you in the direction of the pre-pre release, but I am worried that if we accept any more sales that we will break records in realms that we don't want to be messing with just yet. How Bout That Records is already a multi-billion pound label, and it only formed as an idea a few weeks ago, now that's fast work.

How Bout That Records has two CEO's. Mr Donny Stax & Mr Andy D Jackson. Here is a picture of them.
Donny Stax and Andy D Jackson in the studio.
In these modern times of robot maids and self cleaning swimming pools, it's tough for musicians and producers to get noticed in the world of music, unless they are willing to sell their soul and go on X factor or The Voice and be judged by a bunch of has-been turnips hell bent of furthering careers as judges of other people. There are many very talented people in the world who can't bring themselves to be displayed and poked in such a degrading Saturday night TV fodder manner, these are the true artists, the ones that work on their art.

We here at How Bout That Records care about real music, the stuff that comes from the soul, not from the wallet. We do also care about wallet songs, because they make it possible for the real music to be made, so we basically appreciate all music in all it's forms, except for Country music.

How Bout That Records website will be available to visit soon. Until then, you can enjoy two video's from the Donny Stax & [adj] debut album 'Fine'

The official release date of 'Fine' is 1/6/2012 (or 6/1/2012 for our American friends), but it will be pre-release purchasable in the next day or two. I hope you are ready... I will post links to it's many purchasable places as soon as I have them.

It's tough working for a multi-billion pound record label, but someones gotta do it.

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Jessie J's Price Tag (Re-Work)

Hello friends,

Before you get the chance to purchase the greatest debut album since CD's were invented, myself and Mr Donny Stax decided we wanted to give something to our listeners for free, so we decided to do a little reworking of a popular tune by the big J girl herself 'Jessie J'. I feel really sorry for the 'i' in her name, it's the only letter without a twin, poor thing. Anyway, big JJ herself has this song about money, it's called Price Tag, you might have heard of it.

Glow in the dark magic 
In Price Tag the lyrics imply that it's not about the money (money, money), no, it's about making people dance and ignoring the price on it. Now, I don't mean to sound too cynical but that sounds like a load of old horse giblets to me. I have a feeling that Ms JJ got a hefty sum of money money money for the track, I also have a feeling she happily kept that money money money that she so fervently insisted she didn't want in the song.

So we reworked it, to be a bit more realistic...

If you enjoyed our reworking I would love to hear from you, tell me what you think, share with me the electrical pulses that are firing around your mindspace, it will make you feel better, I, I'm no doctor but I heard once that 'a comment a day keeps the doctor at bay', so why not make this your comment of the day :D

You can give me all your money as well if you like...

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson xx

Friday, 11 May 2012

The unveiling of the cover

So friends,

The time has come to unveil the album cover for the debut album of the decade (as voted by the turnip people from the future). The pre-pre sales of the album have been through the roof, it has been a whirlwind keeping up with the constant bombarding of pre-pre orders, we have a team of highly trained dolphins working round the clock on waterproofed ipads.

Anyway, without further waffle...
Album cover for 'Fine', the multi trillion selling album from the future.
Well how bout that! Great job done by Dario on this one, superb cover action, a cover fitting of the great album it is sat in front of. You will be able to pre order the album from tomorrow so get your pre ordering fingers and wallets ready...there will be a special surprise for the people/animals/aliens that pre order it, but that will have to remain a secret for now (wmooh, hah, hah).

Expect more blog action tomorrow...

Peace out

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Anonymous Uncovered!

Hello friends,

Same cover, different glow...hmmm
So blog, we meet again, once more you shall be displaying words being channeled from my brain to my fingers to the computer to the internet to the people...well, get on with it then, stop wasting time with words that people don't need to read and get onto the words that people might actually want to read, or gain some sort of insight (however small) from...

I love the internet, really and truly. It is a meta-space of infinite possibility and amazing expressions of the human mindscape made visual and audio-able, any number of crazy things are just a few clicks from filling your screen. Anonymous are not far behind each and every one of them clicks...lurking in the backroom with the brooms and cleaning materials, ready to pounce at any moment and put up a tent or make a video or just go 'Muuuuuuuullllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh' in your face when you are least expecting it.

Well, we uncovered Anonymous in our new video (we didn't put up any tents though),, check it out.

Here is our official video to 'In the Cyber-Space Between Us' from Donny Stax & [adj]'s debut album 'Fine; ((available very soon))

Anonymous appeared twice in the vid, we had to go to Occupy somewhere and pick a couple of them up from tents, it took us a while, as we did have two cornered for a while but they escaped using ninja anonymous mind tricks that we could only ever hope to master. We found a couple of less ninja ones shortly afterwards and put them in the boot of the car, drove back home, and then forced them at pizza cutter point to perform in our video (we would have used a knife but they all needed washing).

Anonymous has started to appear everywhere these days, popping up in some weird and wonderful places, it truly is an amazing marketing campaign by the V for Vendetta film makers, I mean, some films are luck to get a few weeks of promotions to hopefully drag the punters in, V for V-d! Gheeze, they have spent more on promoting that film several years after it's release then they did when it came out, I guess they have a big warehouse full of unsold merchandise they are desperately trying to flog...or maybe a sequel is in the works!

With the huge rise in popularity of the film V for Vendetta, it was only a matter of time before the mask from it started appearing in more places. It's such a shame that 'The Mask' starring Jim Carey didn't receive the same kind of publicity injection, because those masks would be much more amusing.

One can dream. Right, time to get back to my secret masterplan to take over the world (wmoo, hah hah) using music...

Here is the set list of songs released from 'Fine' so far, enjoy them all in one place :D

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson xx

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Laze (ft N-Jax) from upcoming Debut album

Hello friends,

Once more we peer into the chasm of new songs, where ideas float about like fairies dancing on a volcanoes rim, a place where sounds merge to form musical rainbows. There is a pot of gold at the end of this musical rainbow and it has my name on it, so hands off.

The new track that has been plucked for the blog today is 'Laze' by Donny Stax & [adj], featuring a special guest in the form of N-Jax (my bro). Without further words from me, here it is...

This track is from our multi platinum award winning debut album 'Fine'. There are a handful of songs that have special guest appearances by fellow musicians, and this is the first one of them we are displaying. N-Jax (aka Nick Jackson) came and spent a couple of days with Donny Stax and myself in studio Stax. He provided us with the beautiful guitar lines that are the base of the tune as well as rapping some vocal magic for us on it as well. Nick and I sat and wrote the chorus vocals together, toying around with the "I'm not ...., I just like to ..." bits. We had a big list of the possible rhymes and came up with our parts from that list.

A quick makeshift cover for Laze
On a separate occasion Nick came to the studio to provide the voice for the Astronaut in the future who discovers both Donny Stax & [adj] decomposing on an asteroid. You will have to wait for the album to hear that though...

One final note on 'Laze', it contains a vocal trumpet. We wanted to put a trumpet part in, but couldn't be bothered to find one in the library of sounds, so I stepped into the vocal booth and did it all with my voice. I hope that people listening think it's a real trumpet.

So there you have it, the blog is done, there is no more stuff for you to read here, you will have to go somewhere else on the internet for some more red hot information about the world...

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson xx

Saturday, 5 May 2012

In my Prime (some remixin' going on)

Hello friendlings,

It was meant to have been our debut gig yesterday (4/5/12) but due to unforeseen circumstances it did not come to pass, apologies to anyone that had been looking forward to it. We decided not to be disheartened by this and pressed on. Donny Stax & [adj] will make some kind of live appearance soon I'm sure - but until that currently unknown date in the future, we have made a leap back from rehearsal to musical creation (our favourite thing).

Now don't get me wrong, playing live can be great fun, very rewarding and extremely exhilarating, but also it can be frustrating, annoying and overly sweaty. I do enjoy dripping with my own sweat while standing underneath tiny replicas of the sun, but I can live without it as well, quite happily in fact.

Mr Stax and myself need to make some money, oh boy do we! Our album is almost ready for full scale interplanetary release, not long now, just waiting for the final tweaks to the cover and it will be lift off central. Intergalactic Itunes will not know what hit it. It has already broken the box office records for greatest Pre release sales for a film in the last hundred years....and it isn't even a film!

The pre-pre release versions of the album have been shipped to several top secret locations around the world that are not even listed on google earth, that's how super secret they are. One of the address is simply 'The Sky', no postal code or nothing...I do hope it gets there safely. The pre-pre release version of 'Fine' contains six songs that haven't even been written yet, as well as the 13 songs that have already been written. Anyone with one of the special pre-pre-pre release golden tokens will be receiving a special edition version of the album which contains the original 13 songs, the six songs from the future AND a special introduction from Jesus himself. I don't want to give too much away, but it's safe to say that once you have heard the special introduction you will be blessed with good fortune and cookies for the rest of your that's some special kinda introduction for sure.

In the meantime...a new track will be listenable from tomorrow...or today, or ages ago...I don't know when you are reading this...the track is called 'Laze' and it features my brother N-Jax on vocals and's a cracker :D

Mr Stax and I have spent the last couple of days working on some new material to sell and make further millions of pounds with, expect the charts to be flooded with our stuff very soon. Positive mental blogging, that's my way now.

In the meantimewhile, here is a track that was remixed from one of my original songs 'Prime'. Mr Donny Stax cut it up and rapped on it, as did Achille...I added some chorus emphasis. Enjoy.

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson
((so damn rich in all ways))

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Acoustic Manoeuvres in the Light (part 1)

Hello friends,

Levitating cow
Sometimes life can be like being repeatedly kicked in the teeth by a gnome with pointy shoes on, or, having your mind slowly fed into a meat-slicer, or, sitting in a waiting room to see the squinty dentist while listening to the muffled screams and high pitched drills on enamel. Hmm, I appear to have used two teeth related analogies there, not sure why, my teeth seem fine...hold on, just gonna check...

Yep, my teeth are fine, a little tea stained and nicotine yellow but that's nothing unusual, there are no gnome boot prints in them. So, anyway, I am feeling a little kicked to the floor at the moment, but that can only be a sign that things are about to take off like the rockets in my dreams. It won't be long now and I will be living the high life I so often imagine for myself.

Until then though, we have more acoustic manoeuvres to share...Here is an acoustic performance of our song 'In The Cyber-Space Between Us', recorded in Studio Stax on a laptop.

The album will be out very soon, the artwork is just being finished atm. Also, exciting things in the pipeline, got some more music to make :D

How Bout That! (more to come on this soon ;)

Peace and infinite love to you all

[adj] - Andy D Jackson