Sunday, 8 April 2012

'Live Up There' on the radio and video...and itunes!

Hello friends,

Last week on Sunday the 1st of April, 'Live Up There' by Donny Stax & [adj] was played on BBC Radio Sussex Introducing show. The show goes out every Sunday evening from 7 till 9, or 19:00 to 21:00 for 24 hour clock enthusiasts (you know who you are). It was the first time that one of our songs has been played on radio, and both Mr Stax and myself were extremely excited to hear our little tune about space on the airwaves, so excited in fact that we sat through the entire two hour show taking the pickles out of all the other music on there ("listen to this shitstain, gheeze, they think they are adding something to the musical experience by copying the Kings of Leon?! FFS! Learn another chord before you start committing your droolish hampster urine music to record").

Oh how we laughed, for it makes one feel good to belittle and degrade others in the same line of work, just to make oneself feel as if they have achieved something more special then all the other people around them doing the same thing. We HAD of course, coz we was on da mutha flickin' radio yall!...just like all the other musicians we were sitting and ripping, but unlike all the other musicians, we were the best...uh hum.

You can hear the show on the link below, I have set it to start where our song is so you don't have to sit and take the pickles out of all the music before our track, you can just take some pickles out on our song for your own amusement instead.
Listen to it right here - It will start where we appear :)

Now obviously we are amazing, otherwise we wouldn't have been selected to be on the radio, I mean, come on, they don't just let any old rubbish on the airwaves do they?...oh, wait, wait, err...yeah they do don't they, they let on all that crap we laughed about before our tune...hmmmm, I expect all the other musicians listening in probably ripped on our song as much as we ripped on theirs, probably more so, I mean, I distinctly remember complimenting one or two of the other songs for actually having something to add to the musical world that Radiohead hadn't already ripped off of Bjork.

Oh well, such is life I guess.

Anyway, there were a few texts and emails in to the show after our song that sung our praises...we had nothing to do with that...honestly...unless you count texting and emailing all of our friends and making them email in for us (well, Mr Stax did, I didn't have any credit to text, and no friends either). Much amusement was had making the presenter read out my soundcloud address
so we made sure she got a message to read it out again before the end of the show, you can never hear the words 'Products of Monkey Love' on the radio too often.

The emails to the show didn't stop once the show was over, oh no, they continued for sure, because on Thursday we got an email saying that we would be on the show again this week! Today in fact (8/4/2012 or 4/8/2012 if you are American). So further radio exposure for our tune is happening :D
((If you are reading this at any time after the day it was published then please ignore this paragraph as it will be contextually out of phase with your current time matrix, you my friend are in the future, well done, you made it).))

The single is also now available to buy on itunes for just a little bit of currency...go on, you read the stupid blog, might as well buy the stupid tune as well :D

And finally, I made a little video to go with the song as well, we had originally planned to make a big elaborate green screen affair with spaceships and aliens and amazing futuristic animation that would make your eyes melt and your brain bleed out of your ears...but the Men in Black came and informed us that we were not allowed to do this as it would have profound effects on humanities evolution and could possibly lead to the Cats taking over the planet. So instead I made a less brainbleeding video using old copyright free video material...and here it is...

So now all we need is some national radio play, then some international radio play, then some inter planetary radio play and we will be well on our way to being the most successful musical collaboration in the history of the galaxy, bigger then 'Lxxx-r%£@ee-4737' from the Doofer nebula. The spooky part is that we are already getting offers from Orion to go do a tour there...we have asked for Oxygen in our rider...they haven't got back to us yet.

Thanks for stopping by,

[adj] - Andy D Jackson xx

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