Sunday, 15 April 2012

In the Cyber-Space Between Us

So friends,

We live in an age of communication, an age where almost everyone on the planet can have access to as much information as they could possibly jam into their face holes at any given moment. Right this second I have access to more information then any library within a hundred miles of me, in fact, all them libraries and all them librarians put together would still not be more information then I have access to right at my finger tips. On top of that, the libraries don't have hours and hours of amusing cat videos for me to watch, or people fighting on the bus, or transcripts from some dodgy underground radio interview with the Devil herself, no, the library ain't got Jack on the internet. In fact, they all have internet points in the damn libraries now.

A map of the whole internet! Wow, it's colourful!
So with this much information available, why would I ever need to turn on a TV again? Why would I need to read the world as filtered through advertised puppet media? Why do I need to be shown the stream of masturbatory adverts jacking off their pointless products all over my face? ... the answer, I don't. I have access to the internet.

The Cyber-space between all people, that intervoid, the melting pot of ideas from the truly inspired to the tired and old raggedy ideas that would be better left behind the fridge chilling with the defrosted sausage rolls from last years big cook out. The internet connects us all, and lets us be a version of ourselves. And the system don't like it, because we have taken charge of who we are and are putting our views across. Oops, system shouldn't a gone done that! Now we all have an opinion, and we all can voice it. And we do, on any subject that we like. You can search the internet for anything from Jellyfish lovers to Hotsauce haters and you will find at least one fanpage, two hundred dedicated videos and a blog from the president of Jellyfish Hotsauce magazine. That guy blogs about everything, but mainly Jellyfish, and sometimes Hotsauce, and sometimes both in the same article.

Sometimes the internet can be just as dividing as it can bonding. For example, you may have many facebook friends, but how many of them would you stop and talk to in the street if you saw them?
It's so easy to click 'like', or leave a little comment, but life is more then a series of likes and comments.
It is important to keep both an online life and a real world life going, because the internet doesn't always help in face to face contact situations. When you have to converse with another human being it can be quite important to be able to string a correct sentence together, something that internet condensed language doesn't always help with.

The picture for our next song 'In the Cyber-Space Between Us'
So go read a book, free online, there are millions of them, some of them are probably really good as well. I don't have any to reccomend, coz I'm to busy watching funny cat videos and reading Jellyfish Hotsauce blogs. Now How Bout That!

Time for levitating cows...

It's song time, as is the tradition with this little blog of mine, and this track is from Donny Stax & [adj]'s upcoming album 'Fine'. This song is all about the internet! just like the silly blog you just wasted a few minutes of your life reading.

Please have a listen and like and comment!

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

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