Sunday, 1 April 2012

Money Zombies

Hello frienduladi's

I am in a bit of a pickle, not literally, there is no such thing as a man sized hollow pickle that could contain me, and even if there was such a giant mystical pickle, I would not climb into it in order to write a blog, that would be just silly, literally!

Anyway, the metaphorical pickle I find myself in is a financial one, and given the state of the money market at the moment, I don't think I'm the only one. As you may already be aware if you follow my blog, I have been working hard on my passion of music, and it really is hard work at times, in fact it can be very frustrating at times, for one main reason relating to income/outcome.

If you work in an office for either a big faceless company or a small company with a face, you are compensated for the hours of time you dedicate to furthering the agenda with a wage cheque once a month. A chunk of this will be taken before you see it and given to the government to be redistributed to the armed forces, who will spend it on bombs to kill people far far away. The rest of it, is yours, to spend on vital survival things and non-vital entertainment things. Although I have classed these things as non-vital, they are important to help one maintain a life worth living. If you couldn't go for a few drinks after work at the end of the week, it would only be so long before the twelve gauge shotgun was pointed at the managers face and unique manager brain wallpaper gave the office a more 'grizzly' look. Now I am all in favour of radical redecoration techniques, but this could be taking it just a little too far. So, we are given the wage cheque to keep the murder rates down.

I have been without a wage cheque for quite some time now, coming up for a year. The big plus of this is that I don't have to drag myself out of bed to go and sit in an office and pretend to work for eight hours a day. I was getting close to shot gun territory towards the end. The downside is that I have no money whatsoever. Not a bean to my name, baked or otherwise.

I do however, have loads of songs that I've written, loads and loads of them. It's a long shot, but what is life if you can't aim outside your reach, just treading the boards day in day out to service a cause that ultimately only has your attention because it provides you with the beer money (and the shotgun money should you get to that point). I have worked hard on these songs, spending many hours every day playing my instrument (oooh errr, you dirty minded thing you!) and writing lyrics to go with them once I've strummed out a new one. I've paid my dues too with it, playing in the streets in front of indifferent strangers and lolly-gaggers, belting songs by other more well established artists then me in the hope that someone will be compelled to throw a coin or two in my hat. I've done it on the streets, literally, with the literal meaning of literally in place, rather then the literally overused 'literally' when being metaphorical in writing or speech. So now I could do with some money, for my work you know...

Rather then asking a company for that money, I am asking the people, the other poor souls such as myself who live in the real world, not the plastic covered dull lifeless 'reality' painted by the media, to possibly give a few pennies to a struggling artist. Don't cry for me, your tears won't help me, but your money here to be whisked to itunes to purchase a track...

Okay, my pleas are done, I won't badger you for more money anymore, instead I will give you something free to listen to, because that's the kinda guy I am, a giving one, with a beard.

I think this song speaks for itself, so I won't write any waffle to go with it.
Money Zombies by [adj] - Andy D Jackson

Peace and infinite love to you

[adj] - Andy D Jackson xx

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