Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ignore Them! (the answer to Occupy)

Hello friends and other lifeforms,

The Occupy movement is old news now for sure, but it is still going strong as I write this here blog. Many months after it's inception into the mainstream media it has now reached the heights of any movement, having been parodied in such greats as South Park. The movement itself spreads most of the way around the world, but it's heart is in Wall Street, the same place as the heart of the beast the movement is trying to destroy. So the corrupt financial world has let people cancer spread to it's heart, now I am no doctor but surely once cancer has got to the heart it must surely be game over time for the world. The 'occupy cancer' can be found all around the worlds body. The Occupy movement itself would prefer to think of itself as the cure to the financial cancer that has been killing the world for the past few hundred years. But if that's the case then I like to think of the Occupy movement as the scientist working on the cure for cancer. So the people in charge of curing the worlds cancer all live in tents...hmm, not a great start. Scientists need some kind of lab to study rather then a plastic sheet and a handful of leaflets.

2 V's from V for Vendetta having a camping
holiday in the centre of town
Ok, perhaps I am being a little harsh to the movement here, I should relax and see the benefits of this situation. I just can't help feeling like it's all one big self perpetuating machine, and the people are just cogs holding it all together. The financial crisis is as much a reaction to the idea of a crisis as it is an actual crisis. Take the current petrol crisis for example, there was the possibility of talks, and this possibility led to the media creating the panic, people didn't panic to begin with, but like dominoes they fall one by one, not wanting to be the one fool who didn't heed the warnings of the almighty media. The same is the case with the financial crisis, it is a load of old hookem bullshizzle that has been created by the very groups that will benefit from it the most. But people seem to lap it all up.

Now, there are many different proposed solutions to the problems at hand here that all involve some kind of new system to replace the old one. Great ideas they might be, but at any point if you try and take the castle from the kings, the kings won't just sit idle to the side and let you. No, they will fight to keep the castle. I think there is another way around this problem and I beg you all to consider this age old advice when faced with the next imaginary crisis.

Ignore them. Plain and simple, just ignore them. When they want to throw the toys out the pram, or kick and scream and fuss and fight, just do like our parents did when we went ape shit and started acting like the children we were, they ignored us until we stopped.

Financial crisis? What financial crisis? I don't see any. I'm just going to get on with my life and ignore it. Just like I ignore politics, the media and anyone that I don't like. It isn't ignorance, oh no, that's something very different, this is ignore-thems. I so often hear people saying 'They do this, or, They want me to do that', well I say, grow a pair and stop reacting to them and their invisible swords.

Ok, now just ignore this blog as your first test towards ignore-thems

Listen to this song now

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

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