Monday, 26 March 2012

Acoustic Manoeuvres in the Dark (part 1)

Hello dearest friends,

So given that I spent most of last year playing guitar and shouting my lungs off on the streets of the Netherlands, when I came back to the UK I made the decision to do my guitaring and lung flexing in a nice warm studio without the bemused faces of the public rushing past me every few seconds. That was when I hooked up with the awesome Mr Donny Stax. Since then I went on to make a whole album with him in the warm, only venturing out into the cold to go get some snacks and milk for coffee and tea.

The album is pretty much finished now, just a bit of topping and tailing to do (whatever that means!), and a couple of the tracks are already out in the public domain. So it was time to return to my roots, to service the 'standing on the streets singing' side of my persona. Although the album is all beefed up and drum enhanced, the songs contained there on were in the main based around some chords I came up with on the guitar. It gives us the advantage of being able to perform some of our songs acoustic, just as God intended.

So not wanting to annoy the almighty in any way, we got to work in our stripped down state (ladies, I know what you're thinking right now, don't be so dirty, we weren't nude...THAT video is for the private collection only). 2 men 1 guitar (not quite the water cooler topic of 2 girls 1 cup).

With moody lighting and a little smoke machine down by my feet, we sat and performed our debut single 'Touched a Nerve' as well as it's B-side 'Unordinary Day' (video of that to follow soon).
It took us about twenty five takes to get the bloody song right, and by the end my hand felt like I had been fisting a mouse, all sore and stiff. I moaned about it, as is my guitarist right. Big props once again to Urban Flava TV for letting us vent our sounds in it's many forms.

Donny Stax and I have been rehearsing our set up ready for some upcoming live events, so I imagine there will probably be a ruddy live version of Touched a Nerve coming up at some point it the future, just to complete the trilogy of a song (original, acoustic & live).

I have nothing else to say on the matter right now, so that's it...


...well, it would seem I did have something else to add to the matter, Spoon Brigade apparently, whatever that means!

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson xx

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