Saturday, 9 November 2013

Well what can I say?

Hello friends,

Nice to see you, have you been well? I hope so.

Here is another sneak peek cell from my upcoming animated video.

I am still in animation land, seems like I've taken up some kind of residence here, it's alright, not quite what I had dreamed it would be, but it's very colourful. I'm not ever doing this again, not for free anyway.

I have always loved drawing, it's not something I will ever win any awards for, and my art is probably in line with any first year college student with a box of crayons and an empty note pad of dreams. As a form of creative expression though, it is certainly a very therapeutic one. Every time I pick up a pencil and start converting a blank sheet of paper into something else I get this weird infinity connection. The very act of creating in such a fashion connects me in with every single instance of pen in hand creation that I have ever had in my life, right back to when I was a tiny youngling scribbling outside the lines of a picture of a harmless bear having tea with a harmless lion (my guess is, they were both heavily sedated and forced to pose for this childish outline abomination) all the way through to my final drawing of a clown on fire with worms for eyes that I will draw the day before I pass away many many years from now.

It is a peaceful feeling, unlike any other, which is probably why I love returning to it again and again through my creative adventure. When I write music, I mainly do it with pen and paper STILL, even in this digital age of smart toilet phones and talking maps. It's what works for me, and already makes me feel old even though I am only in my early thirties. The very fact I spelt out 30's there just goes to show how out of touch with the modern world I am. Still, the pen is mightier then the sword, except in a sword fight, then the pen don't stand a chance, unless it was a pen knife, the ultimate combination of pen and sword!

2013 has been the year of things taking much longer then they should, and now that we are nearing the end of it, I am ready for the next year which I am dubbing, the year where things happen much faster then expected. Patience is a virtue for sure, but next year it is all going to go off in a big way, I've upgraded my pen to the modern penknife and am ready to stab this metaphor till it bleeds in rhyme almost all of the time...that's fine.

The video will be finished in a couple of weeks, for realsies, I promise. Then I will release it and get back on with being an adventuring creative, rather then an animating creative, which is kinda the same thing but much much slower, like a snail version of a creative.

Here's some music for you, enjoy :)

Peace and infinite love

Andy, Mr Jackson, [adj]

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