Sunday, 17 November 2013

Last frame of animation - I'm back!

Hello friends,

The long animation haul is over, the final frame is scanned. The last bit of ink has been added and the last drawing of a lava lamp has been blue tac-ed to the background. There is still a little bit to film for the very end of the video, as well as a 'we made this' placement bit for the final fade (so another weekends work for sure), but in principle, all the principle bits have been done. Thanks for caring :)

Here is the final shot, the last image for the scrapbook video.

The gnome has landed!

You will get to see it in context with all it's fellow animated brothers and sisters and a-sexual relations very soon, maybe a couple of weeks. (side note - if you are reading this is the future, the video is already available and you can find it by clicking on the side like on the right called 'Otherwise' video) ((side side note - if you are not from the future and are in fact from the past, having accidentally accessed the internet from the future but unwittingly ended up on a completely uninformative blog by some ego maniac, then please email me and tell me that the video idea I have for the Otherwise video is a really hard one and I might try and think of something a bit easier, Cheers).

I have big plans to do something special with this blog in the future, to use it more frequently as a kind of therapy for all the weirdness that occurs in my general brain area, a kind of public ventilation system. I often have big plans though, and they don't always pan out the way they were conceived, but that's one of the exciting things about being alive I guess, you never really know what's going to happen!

My face is back in the game (in a week or two)...

Have a great donut,

Peace and infinite love

Andy Jackson

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