Sunday, 24 November 2013

Dotting the eyes and crossing the teas

Hello friendlings,

So lots of stuff is happening right now, you can barely move for it! Just look around you right now, stuff is happening. It might not be important stuff, well, not all of it, but it is stuff and it is happening and it is right now. There is also lots of stuff happening where you can't see right now, which is quite a lot more places (compared to what you can see). So what's the point of all this? Well, this blog is about some stuff that is happening, it's not happening where you can see it happening, but you can read about it in this very blog, and it is happening, and it falls into the category of the aforementioned "stuff".

Right, I imagine anyone that had accidentally stumbled across my top secret blog would have clicked away before getting this far, only the people that can handle the knowledge would be able to read through that first ridiculous paragraph and not feel the urge to close the tab.

A frame from the upcoming 'Otherwise' video
The animation is finished, with just a final frame to add (which will be done tomorrow). The video is edited (except for the aforementioned final frame that requires animating) and the music is all in place. It will be released on the 30th November 2013 on youtube. The song 'Otherwise' and a traditional 'B' Side in the form of the musical poem called 'So' will get a bandcamp release in the style of singles of ye oldie times of old. Set an alarm so you won't forget (make it a fun musical alarm).

After the release of the 'Otherwise' single package, I shall be doing a blogging experiment for the whole of December, in which I plan to post once a day. This is not me just trying to get more views (please share my blog, please!!!!), I want to put my creative brain juices to the test and get something fresh from the creative realms every single day of the last month of 2013. Then we will be onto 2014 where everything is going to metaphorically explode into awesomeness.

We are all winning always in all ways,

Stay beautiful

Andy Jackson (Mr Jackson, [adj])

P.S - I did a silly meme from futurama (been re-watching and loving it recently)

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