Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Weirdest Chemtrail 19/06/2012 - over Brighton UK sky

Hello friends,

Now I don't usually write about subjects of a conspiratorial nature, but something weird happened to me yesterday (or several days ago, or weeks ago, or indeed years ago, depending on when you are reading this). While sitting out in the garden with my Beauty enjoying the morning sun and watching the few clouds wisp on by, having our morning caffeine intake, I noticed something weird.

It was about 10 am, and the sky was pretty clear, there wasn't much wind either. Looking up I could see a chemtrail forming in the sky, at the point it was forming it was glowing like a rainbow, I could see all the colours at it's tip, and it fanned out quite big from the starting point. The weird part was that there was no plane. This chemtrail seemed to be forming from nothing. I have really good eye sight, but the more I tried to focus on the source of the chemtrail the more I saw nothing producing it as it continued to cut across the sky.

The chemtrail looked like the image on the right, but without the weird orb thing making it. I was rather shocked that I couldn't see what was making this trail. Beauty confirmed that she too couldn't see what was making the strange chemtrail. As we watched it grow it suddenly stopped being made. Whatever was making it disappeared even further then it already was and the trail was left hanging there. I continued to scan the sky trying to locate the plane that had made this trail, but there was nothing else in the sky. It was just blue sky and this new trail made by seemingly nothing. Weirdness.

not my photo, follow link above for origin of this photo.
It looked something like this, this photo wasn't taken by me, this is from another website. the link to that site is here. Now we all see these sky trails all the time, and I do not have any explanation to offer for what I saw. Every other time I have seen the trails appear in the sky there is always a plane making them, that can be seen clearly, and often heard (depending on the surrounding traffic noise). There was no sound with this trail I saw, and no visible craft making the trail. Once again, just weirdness.

If you have a good explanation for this then please leave a comment, I am not claiming paranormal ghost alien bigfoot activity on this one, it most probably has something to do with light refraction and the limited nature of the human eye, or at a push, some multi dimensional men in black freedom fighters coming to our dimension to counteract the evil chemtrail spraying by our world governments.

You get the idea...

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

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