Sunday, 10 June 2012

The difficult second phase (the underpants gnome dilemma)

Hello friends,

Mr Donny Stax and myself ([adj]) have reached the difficult second phase of an album. Having successfully completed phase one (the construction) we have found ourselves at phase two (the promotion).

I am the adventuring creative, which means I like to be creative while adventuring. For the past 6 months I have been doing a lot more creativity and a lot less adventuring, something I hope to remedy very soon if possible. I just need some money, money, money (some blessed cha-chang) so that I can get on with my adventuring.

The Underpants Gnome dilemma
How do you turn your creative endeavours into a respectable cash flow? How? God damn it I want to know!!!! I appear to be stuck in an underpants gnome style situation...I understand phase 1 - Get Underpants, and it leads to phase 3 - Profit, once I can work out what the hell phase 2 is! Kenny died trying to find out, I would rather survive to enjoy the fruits of phase 3.

There appears to be many avenues which can be explored to promote our album, but they all seem to eat up lots of time and produce minimum exposure if we want them to be free. If we are willing to pay out some cha-chang cha-chang then we can reach a much bigger audience...but we don't have any cha-chang, we don't even have a cha!

I am bored out of my skull with doing research into how to promote and sell our album, the internet is full of advice about the subject, but none of it leads to worthy results for the hard work involved. Maybe I'm just too lazy, or maybe this business element of music is just outside of my capabilities to properly grasp, either way, things seem to be moving very slowly. I am an artist, that was what drove me to create the album in the first place, I'm not a businessman, and I have no idea about selling my product.

the back cover of our album 'Fine'
Okay, enough moaning about my promotional problems, I'm making an offer to anyone who reads my blog, would you like to help Mr Donny Stax and myself out by writing a review of our album? If you are interested please email me at or leave a comment on this blog and I will send you a review pack. We really need some reviews so we can construct our awesome press pack to blow away the music industry high ups, or at least get a fair hearing at a radio station or two.

Thanks for taking the time to share my woes, and any help or advice you would like to sling my way please do, feedback makes me smile (even negative, as long as it's constructive).

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

P.S - here is our youtube upload of Price Tag rework

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