Saturday, 23 June 2012

Global Yawning (video version)

Hello friends,

I felt inspired to make a little video to go along with my solo song 'Global Yawning' using old footage of disasters and explosions. I won't waffle on about it, coz you can see it right here right now...

The blurb I wrote to go with the video is as follows :

So you think that global warming is real? Well, you might be right...think that you are causing it? ... well, you aint. Unless you are the person dropping nuclear bombs in the sea, or fracking the earth to make gas by blowing up things underground, or chopping down massive forests, or you are finding new and inventive ways to hide irradiated uranium near public schools, then it's most likely you think we have a chance to save this world from the 'Global Warming' that we have been causing by using plastic bags, spraying ourselves with deodorant and increasing the carbon levels in the air by breathing.... we didn't cause it, it was money driven interests that did...

And it makes me yawn, it's boring as hell, and I'm not being suckered into taking the blame for this one - I love this world, why the hell would I want to help destroy it?


So there you go... it's just my opinion, and my opinion has been known to change when new information is flashed in front of it... so please, give me your opinion, there is a comment button just beneath this blog, and it does love to be pressed ;)

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

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