Friday, 8 June 2012

Bus on fire!

Hello friends,

So, if you are interested in buying the debut album by Donny Stax & [adj] from a selection of online locations, then you need to check out the previous blog post here , a new window will pop up and you can soak up the infinite goodness there within.

A week has past since the album became available to humans to buy in downloadable form, there has been talks regarding a physical pressed copy that we will be using for promotional reasons, but we could maybe sell them if humans were interested in having something of compressed energy substance to hold in their mitts while digesting the music with their hungry earholes.

This is a burning bus, look at it burn!
I don't have much to report about in this here blog today, there are lots of things in the pipelines, so many infact that it's starting to get blocked up and we may need to call the idea plumber to come and plunge some of the gunk through. Actually, does anyone know a good idea plumber? A cheap one if possible, we seem to have spent most of our money on drugs...

Buses burn, they burn up good, must be something to do with all the flammable material used in their construction...I suggest we move to a more flame proof bus design...just an idea, putting it out there.

If you have bought our album and would like to write us a review, we would be most grateful, feedback is important to an artist. In fact, even if you haven't bought it I would love to know what you think of the tracks we have put out for free listening. Please comment, please, pretty pretty please.

Here are the available tracks for listeninging to, so open those earholes and get stuffing.

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

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