Friday, 1 June 2012

'Fine' released today :D

Hello friends,

Finally the day has come, and it is a happy one indeed, for the debut album by Donny Stax & [adj] has been released unto the world with maximum purchasability under the gaze of the inter-dimensional gods.

'Fine'-ally landed :D
If you like iTunes then click here to be taken to the purchase page,
If you prefer Amazon then click here USA or here UK, or search your local amazon rainforest for further details,
If you like 7Digital then click here to be taken to that site...yeah

You will be able to hear previews of every track from the album at those sites, and if you have spotify then you can hear the whole album there, just search for Donny Stax (forget searching for [adj]).

The album contains 13 songs including 'Touched A Nerve', 'Live Up There', 'In The Cyber-Space Between Us', 'Use Your Eyes Mate' & 'Laze' ft N-Jax, as well as the new single 'Breaking Up With Society' ft Truth & Tex. Also on the album are the title track 'Fine', 'Careless' ft Mace, 'Things Weren't Better Back Then' ft Cito, 'Playing Co-op', 'The Scum', 'A Reason' & 'You Can Say That Again' as well as 4 skits - I will do a track by track break down in the next few days.

The album has already gone multi platinum in other dimensions, and the hopes are high that it will do the same here on little old planet Earth, only time will tell.

Thank you for all the support you have given me over the time by reading my silly blog and listening to my music, you are the true champions of tomorrow, and your rewards are coming :D

Here is 'Breaking Up With Society' ft Truth & Tex (and a little slice of Cito) from DGAFM. These guys have been so supportive of us and both Donny Stax and myself were honoured to work with them on this track for our album. Big shout out to the DGAFM crew, you guys are legends :D

I will do a more exclusive blog about this track in the near future.

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

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